How can I upload a WordPress website

Install WordPress in minutes

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WordPress hosting with STRATO: your affordable complete package

WordPress is a powerful, worldwide used and free content management system (CMS) with which web projects of all kinds can be implemented. Create your own WordPress blog or homepage in no time. The STRATO WordPress packages contain everything you need for dynamic websites: For example, reliable web space (storage space on the Internet) with up to four inclusive domains. Choose your desired domain from many popular domain extensions! With us, you also benefit from a convenient WordPress installation that only requires a few clicks. Many plug-ins (function extensions) and themes (design templates) are available free of charge. This allows you to adapt your website to your needs. Try it!

  • Web space with unlimited traffic
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What are the advantages of web hosting with WordPress?

Nowadays anyone can design a website, write articles and put them online - without pre-knowledge. This is particularly easy with a free content management system such as WordPress. Because content such as text and images are stored in a database - separately from the design components and the website structure. The advantage: You can change the appearance and functions of your website at any timewithout affecting the content. WordPress is one of the most widely used CMSs and the basis for blogs and other websites worldwide - from the private homepage to the multimedia company website with online shop.

You can manage your WordPress website at any time conveniently via browser - from any computer with internet access. In addition to templates and extensions, numerous WordPress tutorials are available online. In this way, you can customize the appearance and functions of your website even without programming knowledge. These flexibility makes WordPress so attractive for web projects of all kinds.

Install WordPress in the STRATO web space: It's that easy

With our WordPress packages, the installation effort for you is reduced to entering the most important data - you can also do that using your browser. There is no need to install additional programs on your computer, nor do you have to deal with FTP uploads and databases.

  1. Click on the “Start installation” button in the customer service area.
  2. Select a WordPress version.
  3. Enter the domain or subdomain on which WordPress should be installed.
  4. Set the login details for WordPress.
  5. Finished! You can now log into your WordPress system for the first time.

Software updates you can either install it yourself or have it done automatically. STRATO provides you with all the resources you need to run your website the way you want.

WordPress successfully installed - what now?

In the clear administration area you can create articles and insert your texts and images. Place them Categories for your articles. The categories can be renamed at any time and the affiliation of articles to a category can be easily changed.

With plug-ins expand the range of functions Your website. Calendar, contact forms, spam protection and SEO tools can be integrated into WordPress just as easily as share buttons for social media and much more. A large, active community develops themes for almost every occasion. You take full advantage of a large part of it free. Whether you want to set up an online newspaper or share private experiences with others, you are sure to find a compelling layout that is suitable for your purposes.

Switching from another CMS to WordPress?

Do you already run a blog or a homepage via another CMS, but would rather use WordPress? Then you can move along with your content.

Install WordPress yourself

Of course, you can also do a WordPress installation and configuration yourself. To do this, you need a Database set up correctly as well Folder paths take into account so that the URL is correct later. In the following we explain step by step how to do this.


  1. You need a current WordPress version, which you can download free of charge from You will receive this in the form of a .zip file that you unzip on your local computer (regardless of whether it is Windows or Mac).
  2. You will also need one Web server with web space and a MySQL database. The web server must support the PHP programming language.
  3. Last but not least, you need an FTP program (FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol") such as FileZilla, which you install on your computer.

Upload data to the server

Connect the FTP client to your web server and upload the unzipped WordPress files to your web space. Make sure you only copy the files from the "wordpress" folder and not the folder itself. Because otherwise it will change Directory structure and your WordPress blog will in future be available under “” (example) instead of “”. In this case, the installation would have to move again later. Uploading the files via FTP can take a few minutes.

Configure the database

Before you can start WordPress blogging, the actual installation of the CMS has to be done. So that this runs smoothly, create a database on your web space. To do this, go to the Administration area Your host. If no database already exists, create a new database. The corresponding menu item is located in a different position depending on the hosting provider. At STRATO you create under Databases and web space, Sub-item Database management, a new database.

You create the database in the customer login of your hosting provider

You will then need the following information, which you can find in the menu of your host: User name, Database name, Database password and Database host. If you have memorized or noted them down, open the file wp-config-sample.phpthat you can find on your web space using an HTML editor such as Notepad ++. Change the following entries according to the information you noted earlier:

  • define ('DB_NAME', 'database_name_here'); - Instead of “database_name_here”, enter the name of the database.
  • define ('DB_USER', 'username_here'); - Instead of “username here”, enter the username of the database.
  • define ('DB_PASSWORD', 'password_here'); - Instead of “password_here”, enter the database password.
  • define ('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); - In most cases "localhost" can remain there. With some web hosts, however, you have to enter the database host URL in this field.
  • Static homepage: Specify whether the start page is static or should always show the latest posts.

Then you still wear Authentication codes in a few lines of code that you can see below in the wp-config-sample.php Find.'s generator provides you with the codes you need. Paste these into the appropriate placeholder in the wp-config file, as shown in this example:

The placeholders for the authentication code ...

... look like this after the generated key has been correctly copied.

If these lines have been replaced in the wordpress-config.php file, save the file and continue with the installation.

One click WordPress installation

The database is now set up and you can install WordPress. To do this, call up the domain of your WordPress website in your browser and add the ending wp-admin / install.php added. It looks like this, for example: If there is a different directory structure on your web space, this also affects the URL. Adjust these accordingly.

If everything is set up correctly, an will appear Welcome page and you can set the name of your blog or website, an email address and a password. Put that checkmark for "I want my blog to appear in search engines like Google" so that your website can also be found there. With one click on Install WordPress starts the actual installation of the CMS and you get to the login page. After logging in, you can configure your website in the backend and determine the structure, design and content yourself.

We'd be happy to do the work for you!

As experienced hosting service provider For a small monthly fee, STRATO takes over the technical effort and makes all administrative tasks easier for you. We take care of web space, desired domain, maintenance, security and, for example, that you don't have to deal with lines of code and databases. The costs depend on the desired services and the size of the storage space booked. This can be expanded at any time.

thanks automatic updates Your WordPress website will always be kept up-to-date with us, and any security gaps that may arise will be closed quickly. With our updates you enjoy maximum security.

Therefore install WordPress with STRATO

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