Does the zoning influence the property value

The unique numeric ID of the object. The field content can be created automatically.
Name the action point. You can enter up to 200 characters.
Brief description of the action point. You can enter up to 4,000 characters.
The user responsible for the action point.
Select a project member from the drop-down menu. If you leave this field blank, the action point will be assigned to you by default.
You can still update the action point even if you assign the action point to another user.
A business category that best describes the action item. This information can be used to search for action points.
Priority levels are available in the drop-down menu.
Date by which the action point must be completed. Click the calendar icon to select a specific date on the calendar. If you select the date 2018-02-12, it will be set as 2018-02-12 23:59 in your time zone. In other time zones, the end date is adjusted to reflect the appropriate date and time.
Brief description of the solution for the action point.