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Measurement system analysis MSA / test process suitability VDA 5.2

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We have several measuring devices / test equipment of the same type (measuring range, resolution, repeatability) in use. Is it now necessary to carry out a measurement system analysis with each individual test equipment?

  • It is possible to combine test equipment of the same type to form measuring device families. Example: A defined group of auditors assumed 3 have access to e.g. B. 5 different but structurally identical calipers, then it would be possible for the calipers to be combined.

To analyze our measurement data, we use appropriate evaluation software (machine capability / measurement system analysis and SPC) from a well-known manufacturer. Is it still necessary to prove again through your own calculations that the software outputs a correct result?

  • Absolutely, it is not only the software itself that can be a source of error, but also the operation or setting of the software by your employees, which can lead to incorrect results.
  • Use the Excel sheets stored on the AIAG Automotive Core Tools DVD to verify the results

Do measuring equipment have to be assigned to a specific test workstation?

  • You should be able to assign the measuring equipment to a specific test workstation and group of people. Imagine the following scenario in practice. By chance or within the scope of the test equipment monitoring, it is found that the measuring equipment used delivers incorrect results. How can you narrow down which components were measured with the measuring equipment identified as faulty? Just like products, measurements must be traceable, i.e. who carried out the measurement, when, and with which measuring equipment.

We carry out measurement system analyzes before the start of series production, but the respective testers are not necessarily the ones who carry out the tests in the series process. Is this approach a problem?

  • Yes, after this procedure your measurement system analysis, which is under the influence of the examiner, is worthless. With regard to the measurement, you must provide evidence that the testers are suitable to carry out such measurement specifications. Unfortunately, in our audits, we find this fact again and again that measurement system analyzes are always carried out by employees who do not play any role in the series measurement process.