What are some crazy travel world records

Eleven funny travel recordsHow many people do you think fit in a swimming cap?

Formerly a must-have in bathing establishments, now the subject of a crazy new record.

Have you ever tried to put on a standard rubber swimming cap? Then you know how troublesome it is.

All the more astonishing that last weekend four adults managed to squeeze into one together.

According to the referees, the record setter had to sit in it for five seconds without the cap tearing. The team from Osnabrück was granted three attempts - the first one worked.

That was enough for an entry in the "Guinness Book of Records“.

Are these records important? Do you have to know them? Or even imitate it? Nope - but they are weird and just fun to look at.

We have selected ten more light and airy travel records from the well-known Guinness Book for you.

Most people surfing one surfboard at the same time

66 surfers on the world's largest surfboard ever built: This record was only set on June 20, 2015 in Huntington Beach (California / USA).

After all, the 66 surfers were able to assert themselves for twelve seconds on the 12.80 meter long and 590 kilo heavy board and even take a wave.

The largest beach towel

In 2010, the Compañía Cervecera de Canarias brewery had a beach towel made of 87.14 meters by 25.20 meters.

The huge green piece of fabric was laid out on June 5th of that year on the Playa de las Canteras in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria / Spain).

The longest grill

Endless grilled fish: On April 4, 2014, the residents of Bayambang in the Philippines set this hot record.

They welded 8000 grills, each one meter long, together to form a grill. Among other things, 50,000 kilos of fish were then prepared on it. Well then: Bon appetit!

The largest ice cream cone

Even ice cream lovers have a long time to nibble on: The 2.81 meter large waffle cone was presented on January 22, 2011 by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Adrighetti.

The waffle was decorated with 700 kilos of chocolate and 2000 waffle biscuits, filled with five ice cream scoops, each 50 centimeters in diameter - and was exhibited in Rimini (Italy).

The largest sangria pitcher

No, not in Spain, but in Tampa (Florida / USA) this huge vessel was chosen on June 1st, 2013. It holds 1022 liters and is 2.97 meters tall.

759 liters of red wine were needed for the huge amount of sangria - just like the 700 or so onlookers who were allowed to enjoy the drink afterwards.

The largest sauna

Since May 15, 2013, Sinsheim has had the privilege of being the home of the largest sauna in the world. The record sweat chamber is 166 square meters in size.

A maximum of 150 visitors can look through a mega panorama window at a huge fish tank in which Kois, Asian noble carp, cavort.

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Most of the people who make a sand angel at the same time

There is nothing that cannot be used to create a record: On June 6, 2015, 352 people in Pembrokeshire (Wales / Great Britain) made sand angels at the same time.

That is enough for an entry in the Guinness Book - and it is intended to encourage tourists to come to the beautiful beaches of Wales. Maybe it will help.

The biggest bikini parade

In China, of all places, more precisely in Huludao (Liaoning), 1085 scantily clad participants gathered on August 19, 2012 for the world's largest bikini parade.

The youngest participant was four, the oldest 70 years old - some were on roller-skaters, others danced to the goal. I guess it was fun.

The fastest time to set up a four-person tent

That has added value: Ten members of the Canadian Boy Scout Association from eastern Ontario, including seven children, pitched a tent in no time at all.

It took them one minute and 58.55 seconds on January 10, 2015, until the four-person tent was up - some campers would definitely like to be shown the trick ...

The smallest caravan

Even the smallest can go on a long journey: the QTvan is 2.39 meters long, 1.53 meters high and 79 centimeters wide. It was built by the Englishman Yannick Read.

Because it weighs only 131.1 kg, it can theoretically even be pulled by a bicycle. On June 5, 2013, the dwarf was awarded the world record title.

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