How will an essay save lives

Saving lives through organ donation

Organ donation concerns everyone!

In this group work, your students find out about the topic independently, inspect an organ donation card and deal with the arguments of those who support and oppose organ donation. With a slide template, opinion cards and mind map!

Adolescents from the age of 14 can generally refuse to have an organ or tissue removed and at the age of 16, without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, declare their willingness to donate organs by filling out an organ donation card or generally deny this.

This means that schools are obliged to provide well-founded and helpful information and to undertake appropriate educational work. Even if organ donation is not explicitly mentioned as a separate topic in the curriculum, it can usually be integrated into biology, ethics or religion classes without any problems and across subjects.

Competencies: The students ...
  • edit data and information sources in groups and evaluate them.
  • recognize biological, legal, and personal concerns.
  • argue purposefully and take positions.
  • present the results of their group work in the class community.
From the content:
  • What does an organ donor card look like and what is its meaning?
  • Who can donate organs?
  • When is a person pronounced dead?
  • How does an organ donation work?
  • What is the public's attitude towards organ donation?
  • How do organ donation scandals and organ trafficking affect willingness to donate?

Duration: 6 lessons (minimum schedule: 4)