Is playing an experienced hobby?

About me and my blog

Would you like to hunt monsters in a fantasy world, explore alien planets in a spaceship or maybe command Roman legions?
Then you are like me.

I am a peer and I am passionate about playing board games that tell a story and whose adventures I can immerse myself in.

I would like to share this hobby with you and that's why there are "Adventure Board Games".

Why a board game blog?

Board games are experiencing a huge boom and hundreds of new games are released every year. In the last few years, board games have become my big hobby, although of course I also have other hobbies, such as watching films and series on streaming services.

I am particularly interested in board games, the subject of which I can immerse myself in and experience adventures. And this is exactly about these adventure board games, but also adventure card games.

I introduce new games, publish reviews, comment on news, give tips on playing, conduct interviews and much more.

If you want to immerse yourself in the adventurous world of board games, then you've come to the right place.

Current board games

I regularly present current board games here in the blog and describe my experiences and opinions on them. Hundreds of new products appear every year. Of course, this includes many board games where you can immerse yourself in new adventures.

Current offers

Board games can be quite cheap, but often you have to put a lot of money on the table. After all, these often contain a lot of interesting and high quality material. Nevertheless, you can always save on offers from various online shops. That is why I regularly present interesting offers on the blog.

Board games for ...

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced frequent player, there are interesting, exciting and above all fun games for all tastes. I am introducing games for beginners, family gamers, frequent gamers or experts. The right game for everyone.

Bestsellers & top lists

What are the most popular games among board players? You can see that very well in the bestseller lists of one or the other online shop. But I also present my own top lists here, which are of course entirely subjective. Just like my wish list.

Current articles

Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers - Game of the Month for April   (20.05.2021)
Roll & Write games have become more and more popular in recent years and this includes Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers, which became my game of the month for April. How the Roll & Write offshoot of Rajas of the Ganges works, how I like the game and its mechanics and why it became my game of the month, you will find out in the following review.

Game of the year 2021 & Kennerspiel of the year 2021 - the nominees have been chosen!   (17.05.2021)
On May 17th, the Spiel des Jahres jury announced the three nominees for the Spiel des Jahres 2021 and the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021. There was already a lot of speculation in advance who will be among the nominees this time and who will end up on the recommendation list. Of course, I've already given it some thought and I'll take a look below to see which games have been nominated and how well I've been with my tips. At the end of the article I look at the exciting finale of the game of the year K.O. Challenge back. To my Top 100 & Adventure Board Games Awards 2020

Marvel Champions, Santa Monica, Mandala Stones and more board game first impressions   (14.05.2021)
Today I'm going to share my first impressions of Marvel Champions, Santa Monica, Mandala Stones and Fleet: The Dice Game. How I liked the first few games of these board games or card games and what I don't like, you will find out below. Of course, I am also very happy about your opinion on these innovations.

Cole Wehrle on Root Entry, John Company SE, Pax Pamir, game development online ...   (7.05.2021)
With John Company, Root, Pax Pamir and other rather unique board games, Cole Wehrle has made a name for himself in the scene in recent years. I talk to Cole about his entry into the board game hobby, first experiences as a designer, peculiarities of game development, positive corona effects and a lot more.

Top 10 board games for stomach players   (4.05.2021)
Today I have a very special top 10 list for you. I am listing my top 10 board games for stomach players. In the following you will find out exactly what this is all about, how I define abdominal players and why some board games are better for abdominal players than others. Of course, I'm really looking forward to your opinion on this somewhat different top list and the topic of "belly players" in general.

German Games Prize 2021 - Vote for your favorite games now!   (3.05.2021)
The German Games Prize will also be awarded in 2021 and of course the players will vote on their favorite games again this time. How the German Games Prize is awarded, how you can vote and what you can win, you will find out below. I also list my 5 board games that I have nominated for the German Games Prize 2021.

Shem Phillips from Garphill Games on game development, novelties, creativity ...   (30.04.2021)
Shem Phillips and his New Zealand board game publisher Garphill Games have released many great Eurogames over the last few years, which have always contained interesting new ideas and mechanics. My interview with Shem is about the development of his board game publisher, his creative process, trilogies and a lot more. You will also find out what will soon be published by Garphill Games and then hopefully also in German in this country.

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