Uber is available in Istanbul

Is Uber available in Turkey?

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Last update: 02/23/2020

Is Uber available in Turkey? Yes, Uber is unfortunately somewhat limited in availability in Turkey. Only taxis (not everyone, only those who prefer to work with Uber) can work for Uber in Turkey. So when you call a vehicle from Uber, you will see a yellow (or turquoise in Istanbul) taxi. But it is not as common as in the world in Turkey; Uber is currently only available in Istanbul, Marmaris, Bodrum and Cesme.
Why is Uber not common in Turkey? There is a very large taxi market (in the billions) in Turkey, so Uber faces various legal challenges. For this reason, only certain vehicles (taxis) are used. Penalties may be imposed on Uber drivers from time to time. There is also a conflict between taxi drivers and Uber riders. In July 2018, Erdogan gave a speech saying Uber's deal was over (Click here to read Reuters' article on Erdogan's speech on Uber) but operations continue.
How does the quality of ├╝ber service in Turkey work? What makes it 'Uber' is competition between Uber drivers. If you want to attract passengers, you have to be a friendly, fast and strict driver. However, since only vehicles with a valid passenger transport permit are permitted in Turkey, there is less competition between drivers than in other countries, as the number of vehicles that comply with this rule is limited. This can also affect the quality. However, compared to the standard taxi service, Uber in Turkey is of excellent quality. In a country comparison, however, the quality of Uber is average. Also, since there are only yellow taxis, the prices do not change significantly. Ultimately, however, the Uber rules apply, especially when it comes to security, there is nothing to worry about. You are unlikely to be scammed with this digital transportation assistant.
As mentioned above, the number of vehicles working for Uber is limited in Turkey. This makes it difficult for you to find Uber available; While the demand is too high due to the quality of Uber, the supply is insufficient due to legal restrictions. So sometimes you have to hurry to not miss Uber when you find a car that suits you.
Since only taxis work as Uber in Istanbul, you should be aware of taxi scams. Check the 'Are Taxis Safe in Turkey?' Link.
Unfortunately, the penalties against Uber XL vehicles in Istanbul increased towards the end of 2018. When calling an Uber vehicle in Istanbul the driver would ask you where to go and sometimes cancel your request. This is because local authorities have fined UberXL vehicles in some areas, especially near the airport entrances. On April 4, 2019, Uber Turkey announced that the company would continue its primarily taxi-focused activities. They will reduce UberXL activities in Turkey. This reduced Uber's activities in Turkey. And finally, on May 31, 2019, the expected happened. Uber Turkey officially announced that Uber has discontinued UberXL service in Istanbul. From now on, Uber Turkey will only serve taxis in Istanbul. For Marmaris, Bodrum and Cesme, the UberXL service still counts for the time being.

16 October 2019 update
Several updates have been made since today's article due to policy changes against Uber in Turkey. With the decision of the court on October 16, 2019, access to the Uber app and website in Turkey was blocked. It is unclear whether or not Uber will continue to exist in Turkey, but since Uber from Turkey does not provide access to the Uber app, Uber is not currently available in Turkey.
So Uber no longer serves anywhere in Turkey or Istanbul. If you want a cheap, fast, and safe airport trip, you can purchase an airport transfer service. To this end, there are two international service providers that you can safely buy.
  • WelcomePickups, which operates in 44 different countries, serves in Istanbul. You can check out the prices by clicking here for the WelcomePickups website.
  • SunTransfer, which serves over 100 different countries around the world, also operates in Istanbul and many other Turkish cities. You can check prices by clicking here to go to the SunTransfers website.

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