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Advantages of career advice & outplacement advice

Career counseling is a worthwhile investment in a career change.

With our very special kind of speculative application, which has been tried and tested for years - the target group short application - we support you to actively work on the so-called hidden job market. Secure completely new opportunities for a new professional challenge and a professional change as a manager with our career advice and outplacement advice - and on an equal footing. Your advantages of career advice and outplacement advice are:

  • A greater choice for your next leadership position and career development
  • Selection of the offer that best suits your selection criteria
  • Often higher annual fixed salaries and more extensive fringe benefits
  • Faster, mostly seamless, continued employment
  • Often greater responsibility combined with corresponding freedom of design
  • Improving the quality of life when you find the right company

The long-term monetary benefit gained with our career advice alone regularly exceeds the fee investment once made. And the improved quality of life cannot be outweighed with money, but means satisfaction and health. By the way, with our outplacement consulting we work for a fixed fee that is independent of your current or target salary. As you can see: career counseling offers many sustainable advantages.

Advantages of career advice for companies (outplacement program on behalf of a company)

Give the executives you have to lay off good career prospects with outplacement consultancy. With our very specific approach and the tried and tested method of target group-specific unsolicited applications, these managers quickly find new, permanent employment. The benefits of career counseling for businesses are.

  • If applicable, financial advantages over severance payments
  • A fair separation culture is extremely highly valued by the remaining executives because it creates security and trust
  • Uniform outplacement fee regardless of the client's annual income

How successful our career advice and our method are, confirm the numerous References from our clients. We have a 98% success rate.


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