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Promotional items - time to inspire!

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  • Posted March 30, 2016

11 dimensions in which promotional items generate enthusiasm

Satisfaction was yesterday. Today is the time to get excited. Because, as we know: "Nothing great has ever been created without enthusiasm." This simple quote from the American poet and philosopher Ralph W. Emerson hits the nail on the head! Because satisfaction today is a guarantee that a customer will not post a bad review on the Internet, but still no guarantee that they will come back at the next opportunity. There is simply too much competition in every industry.


Enthusiasm - a must for business

Satisfaction is not enough to outperform the competition. To win in the contemporary market, you have to be enthusiastic! Because, as we know, enthusiasm is the driving force behind every success. More precisely, a subjectively felt and relatively extremely positive emotion that is evoked, for example, by an object or an experience. In order to combine these factors with one another, to inspire customers and thus secure their return, companies today have a decisive attribute and a powerful weapon at their disposal: promotional items. Promotional items generate enthusiasm for the benefit of the advertiser by being used in different places and acting on different dimensions of enthusiasm.


WOW! - Time to inspire!

The following list of the dimensions in which promotional items can trigger enthusiasm will give you a detailed insight into the world of promotional items. Convince yourself how important promotional products influence enthusiasm and how important they are for your success:


  1. flexibility

A doctor smiles happily at a highlighter in the form of a syringe. An architect is happy about a pencil with an integrated ruler. A computer scientist is amazed at creative and attractive technical promotional items. However, different factors have to be considered when dividing the target groups. After all, the same people belong to different, overlapping categories. For example, a building contractor is still a man and a doctor is not just a doctor, but also a woman. Promotional items can be flexibly selected and designed so that you are well prepared for all possible situations. The right customer gifts can be found for every target group. In this sense, there is no such thing as “the” promotional gift. Different factors are decisive. But after all, the selection is big enough.


  1. Foresight

At your stand you can give your valued customers writing pads, pens, highlighters, lip balm sticks, promotional sweets, water bottles and carrier bags. Items that your customers might actually need on site. For special customers you have larger, more expensive presents ready that will remember you long after the trade fair.

The notepads, promotional pens and highlighter pens are already ready for use at the customer meeting. Instead of lip balm, lip balm sticks are used to avoid greasy fingers. Promotional sweets help against hunger and stomach growling. If there is chewing gum, then only in the gift bag afterwards - to avoid embarrassing smacking in conversation. Water bottles quench thirst and ideally have the volume of a water glass. All of this is ideally compact enough to fit in the included carrier bag, not to be mutilated and light enough not to be a burden for your customers. The carrying case, on the other hand, is robust enough not to tear at the next corner immediately.

Did you accomplish all of that? Bravo! You have shown foresight! A performance that can only inspire your customers!


  1. generosity

Dear customers and high-quality customer gifts ... it fits, doesn't it? Not only you know this, but also your customers. From the giveaways received, your customers can infer how much you actually appreciate them. A few aspects are particularly important here: The more important, well-known and influential the customer, the higher their expectations of the extent of your promotional gifts. Representatives of smaller companies will also be particularly enthusiastic about generous customer gifts. You will notice for yourself: Promotional items generally generate enthusiasm by exceeding expectations. The bigger the customer, the higher their expectations.

So you have to save on advertising material in a healthy way so as not to score an own goal! Give gifts to the decision maker, but don't forget other employees you meet either. Because what counts is the overall impression! And you know: Your generosity will be respected.

The good news: It doesn't depend on the actual, material value, but on an individual value. As in real life, a smart, well-considered little thing that is nicely packaged can beat the expensive gift basket by far.


  1. empathy

You offer your customer a water bottle. You know he might be thirsty. He doesn't have to be naked to ask for water. Your customer is thrilled!

You give your customer a warming pillow in winter. You thought it might be useful to him. Your customer will notice that you have thought of them. Your customer is thrilled!

Christmas is coming soon. You send your customer a present set. If you send the decision-maker a promotional package, you should use everything you know about him and his company. Not only in which industry he works, but also what interests he has. What his marital status is. What he does in his spare time. And much more of this kind. You can use all of this to put together a perfect gift package with your logo and thus simply knock him off his feet. This is how you strengthen your business relationships for future business by making friends with your customers and promoting customer loyalty. Because you know yourself: Emotio exceeds ratio.


  1. authenticity

Would you do anything to keep the customer with you? That's right! However, there is a small catch: Your customer knows that. He expects flattery and caresses. You could even bribe him. But that's forbidden by law, morally reprehensible, and business nonsense. You're not like that. That's why you impress your customers with appropriate, convincing and unexpected giveaways. To be honest, there is not much else left to you: excellent, timely and conscientious work is now a must and would normally not distinguish you from your competition. And with bare words and flattery you usually do not win a flower pot either, but at most risk slipping on something which, too well, is called “Schleimspur”. The well thought-out and strategic use of promotional items, on the other hand, gives your words credibility and authenticity. Incidentally, it is advertising material that elevates ordinary flattery and naked persuasion to strategic marketing. Sounds a lot cooler, doesn't it? It is! Give it a try! We are happy to help you on your way to the top!

By the way: What works for customers can't be so bad for employees either. If you can credibly assure your employees that you value and respect them, you contribute immensely to the internal motivation of colleagues and employees.


  1. selflessness

With giveaways you invest in stable, long-term customer relationships. If you want to build a steady customer base, promotional items are your best friend! You are all the more enthusiastic when your customer notices how selflessly you sacrifice the budget you have won to secure your customer relationship. The result: In a world in which one often has to assume that everyone is only thinking of their own benefit, even the most cautious customers will build trust in you.

In turn, you don't have to worry about possible losses: While at least the first impression your customers receive is based on a retail price that has been seen or estimated somewhere at some point, you have of course long been Kleine & Jockers GmbH contacted and ordered the best gifts for your customers at the fairest prices. And of course your promotional products have generated enthusiasm, helped you to perfectly ensnare your customers and brought you maximum profit. Because you know what is good and important for beneficial business.

Conclusion: Your customers appreciate you for your selflessness and trust you. Your customers are excited. We have helped you to anchor yourself even more firmly in the saddle of success. We are excited! You are popular. You make a profit. They are thrilled! All are happy. Great right?


  1. Affiliation

Why, for example, is a shoulder bag with a well-known label more expensive than a no-name bag? Exactly. Because it conveys a sense of belonging to the label's clientele. A positive side effect for the label itself: its name is attracting more and more circles.

The same system works great for promotional items: you want to have shoulder bags printed. You choose the design yourself - for your company and your customers. You make sure that it is attractive and that it fits the industry in which your company operates. You can brand your shoulder bags with your logo. They are no longer no-name bags, but yours. As a result, this promotional item generates excitement by conveying a sense of belonging to your customers. This, too, is a strong, positive feeling, as is usual for hallmarks of enthusiasm. To your customer base. This branded shoulder bag embodies a successful collaboration. Not only to the customer, but also to the outside world. The moment your customer decides to keep and use your shoulder bag, he declares his affiliation with you. The “we” that binds. And, by the way, this does not only apply to shoulder bags.


  1. Exclusivity

Your customer has confessed to you. He's your customer and he's proud of it. That's the result. The way to get there is through beliefs and associations. Your customer is not only happy about your shoulder bag because he or she needs a new bag. He expresses his enthusiasm for various factors. This not only includes the quality and experience of working with you and the bag itself. Ultimately, a customer decides on his external appearance, which, by the way, is primarily used to advertise himself. While affiliation is initially only communicated subconsciously on the part of the customer, the same customer explicitly and expressly pays attention to how he markets himself.

He doesn't just do that when he's brooding in front of his wardrobe in the morning, but also when he leaves the house with your advertising material: The message he sends is exclusivity. He demonstrates that he has something that others cannot have. This is one of those particularly flattering moments for really and without exception everyone. Everyone knows these small, but particularly flattering “Ätsch-Moments” from their deepest childhood. Of course, a customer will be thrilled to have that feeling again. Thanks to you. And he will thank you with business fidelity.


  1. success

Everyone likes to be successful. Customers too. And employees. And the management. In areas such as psychology and education we know that people are particularly willing to do what they do best. Because success is important for everyone. There are two main areas in which success can be held: recognition or praise and reward. Even as we take our first steps, we learn that we are rewarded for success and punished for failure. Incidentally, this applies to all living beings with awareness and reflexes.

In professional life, however, we humans learn that success does not have to be tangible. What and sometimes remains is only to weigh the benefits we generate from our work against the damage we cause with it. However, it is precisely this absence of haptics that is the reason why our sense of achievement becomes less and less “tangible” and at some point also “tangible”.

Only the recognition of our successes can a positive feeling of pride and satisfaction arise. This is more important than ever, especially in the digital age. Reward your customers with giveaways for the success of a good or promising customer relationship! Reward your employees with employee bonuses for the success of excellent work! Your customers, business partners, employees, etc. will reward you in return with long-term loyalty and loyalty! And you know yourself: not enthusiastic as much as such a success!


  1. completion

You got a good deal. Are you satisfied. So is your customer. Now you could just part like that. Your customer would leave without even looking for you. And maybe wait for you to contact him yourself in due course. Or simply be satisfied with the successful current moment. You would go your way and hope that the customer would come back “by themselves”. And that he doesn't turn to one of your competitors on the way to you and stays there for the sake of simplicity. If you don't want that - and you definitely don't want that! - you have a particularly convenient option: exceed your customer's expectations. Yes, he expects good, timely, high quality work and good value for money. What he doesn't expect is that you will thank him in retrospect for choosing you. Because only a good deal makes a good deal.

Instead of saying goodbye with a simple handshake and holding the hopeless waiting position, you can act at this point: Your customer has already come to you. Give him a reason to come back and not a reason not to come back. Let him go not just with a positive, but with an absolutely enthusiastic feeling - not too far away, of course - and assume that he will come back to you at the earliest opportunity!


  1. Relief

Not every conversation goes smoothly. Not every topic can do without conflict potential. Not every business can avoid complications. The right advertising material can support you and your customers even in tough negotiations or show you a way out of unpleasant situations. Or help them avoid them altogether.

As so-called “conversation pieces”, promotional items generate enthusiasm, among other things, by helping to facilitate communication. Or help you to get even one foot in the door of a potential customer and convert them to an enthusiastic regular customer of your company. Because you offer topics of conversation that you would not have without them.

A simple example: You did a business with a customer. Or with a regular customer. Or you have the contact details of a potential customer. For the next occasion, send your already loyal or potential regular customers one or two creative promotional items or a gift basket. With your logo, of course. Your customers will be delighted that you thought of them. And your customer gifts give both your customers and you the opportunity to address them and the drive for a new, successful business.