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Many of us spend several hours a day in front of the PC. Often, however, we only give a little thought to the equipment that we use for working, gaming or typing. It is well known that the right office chair and the right setting of the screen can make everyday work a lot easier. But did you know that the wrong keyboard can also lead to cramps or even protracted hand injuries? Not every keyboard is suitable for every application. That's why we're comparing two popular keyboard models today. Conventional keyboard vs. mechanical keyboard: what can do better in everyday life?

Rubber dome keyboard - standard in the office

The so-called rubber dome keyboards are standard in most offices, but can also be found in laptops or many tablet keyboards, for example. This type of keyboard has a rubber knob under each key, which is pressed down when the key is pressed and thus forwards the command to the PC. One of the greatest advantages of these keyboards is that they are inexpensive. In addition, the rubber layer under the keys does not have to be particularly thick, so that thinner keyboards can also be equipped with it, as desired for laptops or tablets.

In addition, rubber dome keyboards can be very quiet. This means that colleagues in the office are not disturbed by your typing noises.

But many conventional keyboards only have a very spongy pressure point, so that you cannot develop any particular sensitivity for the keys. In addition, the pressure point is usually very low. The button only triggers when it is fully depressed. In addition, there is the short service life. On average, a conventional rubber dome keyboard can withstand around 5,000,000 keystrokes before it gives up the ghost. At some point the rubber under the keys becomes brittle and typing accuracy noticeably decreases. Rubber dome keyboards that are too flat can also cause the fingers to cramp at some point. Since the fingertips are round and not flat, a natural hand position is not possible with flat keyboards. This may not be an exclusion criterion for people who only type occasionally, but it is noticeable at the latest when the keyboard is used frequently.

Mechanical keyboards - from gaming to everyday life

Most gamers swear by mechanical keyboards. One reason for this is that the keystroke time is significantly shorter than with conventional keyboards. Many mechanical keyboards have keys that have a metal spring built in instead of rubber. It not only triggers with the slightest movement, it also jumps back up a lot faster. And this time difference, up to when a key can be used again, is not only noticeable when gaming, but also when typing.

Conventional keyboards sometimes have the problem of key ghosting. What is meant by this is that the rubber dome keyboard does not correctly recognize or misunderstand the rapid input of several keys in a row, because the keys are simply not that precise. When you're in the middle of the writing flow, it can get on your nerves. Mechanical keyboards hardly know this problem thanks to their metal spring.

In addition, mechanical keyboards “survive” longer. On average, they only go heavier than normal after 50,000,000 to 70,000,000 attacks. However, a major disadvantage of mechanical keyboards is that they are usually very loud. Although you can sometimes buy silencers for it, the conversion is cumbersome and the high accuracy of the keys is then also a little limited. In addition, mechanical keyboards are a lot more expensive because they are more complex to manufacture.

Which type of key is suitable for me?

In addition, mechanical keyboards have different types of keys depending on the application. They are marked in different colors for clarity. The best-known manufacturer for the switches is the Cherry brand, which now offers four different types of buttons. The blue keys are particularly suitable for people who often write longer texts. Because they are triggered when you press the key down only 2mm and thus ensure a particularly pleasant typing experience. The so-called "browns" are a bit lighter and quieter than the blue ones. The Reds, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for gamers, as they are the easiest to press. Last but not least, the black keys are suitable for people who work very precisely, as they are a little more heavy than the other keys. Ultimately, however, it is best to try out on site which switches are best for you.

Traditional keyboard vs. mechanical keyboard: which is better now?

When comparing conventional keyboard vs. mechanical keyboard, it depends a lot on which activities you want to use the keyboard for. For those who type very little and see the keyboard only as a means to an end, a conventional keyboard is completely sufficient. The low price, the large variety of manufacturers and the handy designs make normal keyboards the ideal everyday companion. However, those who type a lot or very quickly will experience a completely new working feeling with mechanical keyboards. The sensitive keys make typing much more comfortable. And when it comes to gaming, nobody can beat the mechanical keyboards so quickly. You just notice the qualitative difference that shows between rubber studs and a steel spring. If you can live with a bit of volume when typing, it is better to spend more money on a decent keyboard. Which is then not only more pleasant to use, but also more durable.

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