Will the Ethereum crypto currency recover in 2019?

Bitcoin course, ether course and Co .: Current news and courses of crypto currencies

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke again on Twitter about cryptocurrencies on Saturday afternoon: In a thread that Musk started himself comparing magic with technology, a user asked what Musk thought of people "who are angry with you about crypto".

Musk replied that real battle is being fought between fiat and crypto - and he supports the latter. Currencies such as the euro or the US dollar are called fiat money.

Bitcoin price rose after Musk's post. At 9:32 a.m. New York time, the cryptocurrency was trading at around $ 38,700.

The Bitcoin continued to decline on Saturday lunchtime and is trading at around $ 37,000. By late Friday night, the cryptocurrency was extremely close to its latest weekly low of $ 30,000 at $ 33,520. Market analyst Timo Emden writes that it will be a trading week of horror for investors.

It looks even worse with the so-called Altcoins, as Emden mentions. Ether has again lost around a fifth of its value, Binance Coin surrendered 25 percent within 24 hours.

The Bitcoin gets again on Friday afternoon vacuum. The oldest and most important cryptocurrency falls by almost eight percent $ 38,000.

There is news again China, which are causing unrest in the crypot market: The government in Beijing warned again that it is the so-called Combat cryptocurrency mining to limit the financial risks posed by digital currencies.

Bitcoins are created by prospecting, in English "mining". The requires enormous computing power and thus energy. The reason for this is the “Proof of Work” concept with which the miners update the blockchain, i.e. the accounting of the system. The more miners participate, the higher the electricity consumption.
In the USA, the tax regulations for crypto transactions be tightened. Companies and crypto exchanges should automatically report when a customer Transactions of $ 10,000 or more comes in. The US Treasury Department published a report on Thursday.

That would be for Bitcoin & Co. same rules apply as for cash. The advance is part of a larger concept that the Strengthening the tax authority as a whole and the Increase tax revenue should.

The latest developments weighed on the crypto sector for a short time. The Bitcoin gave in a short time around $ 3,000 after, but continued to stabilize afterwards. He's lying on Friday morning just under $ 40,000.
In the crypto sector, one day after violent price slide the nextStabilization phase a. The Bitcoin listed on Thursday afternoon at $ 42,000 - and thus a quarter higher, i.e. 24 hours ago. Also the Ether course is continuously working its way up and is currently just below again 3000 dollars. 

The current one Market capitalization amounts to a total of $ 1.85 trillion. The market value was still up in the course of Wednesday $ 1.37 trillion like. For comparison: a week ago the market capitalization was more than $ 2.5 trillion.
Late on Wednesday evening theBitcoin has now reached the $ 40,000 mark again. Viewed over 24 hours, there is still a loss of a good seven percent. At times, the cryptocurrency was only worth $ 30,682.

The second most important digital currency, ether was quoted late in the evening at just under $ 2,700 - more than 20 percent lower than 24 hours ago. In the course of trading, it had dropped around 40 percent to below $ 2,000.
The largest US crypto exchange Coinbase reported disruptions on Wednesday. The company's website and app have been inaccessible for a short time, according to CNN. In the meantime, however, operations have resumed.

Several social media users expressed their anger. The company apologized to its users on Twitter.

The Bitcoin has passed the $ 35,000 mark again and is around $ 37,000 in the afternoon. Viewed over 24 hours, there is still a loss of a good 15 percent. At times, however, the oldest cryptocurrency was only worth $ 30,682.

Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have also trended upwards in the past two hours. Corrections in the double-digit range for cryptocurrencies are not unusual. Compared to stock markets, that is The cryptocurrency market is characterized by high volatility.

Bitcoin's price is still in free fall. In the afternoon, the price of the oldest cryptocurrency slips temporarilyto $ 32,837. Bitcoin was last lower at the end of January.

Compared to the previous high of over $ 64,000 in April, Bitcoin has lost almost half of its value.

Also the second most important cyber motto Ethereum continues to rustle. In the afternoon she commutes around the $ 2,000 mark. Ethereum has lost almost 40 percent of its value within 24 hours.