What genres of music are these songs

Music genres

Film music

  • Cinemusic
    [Online magazine for film music]

  • Classical Music in Movies
    [In which film does which classical music appear? This directory, arranged alphabetically according to films, provides information on this]

  • Film music 2000
    [Soundtracks, Reviews, Charts, Links]

  • Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews
    [Detailed information on film music since 1988: soundtracks, composers, development, reviews]

  • Internet Movie Database - Soundtracks Browser
    [Here you can find out which pieces of music are played in which films.]

  • Rocklopedia Fakebandica! - The Ultimate Fake Band List
    [Bands and performers that only appear in movies and TV shows, but not in reality]

  • SoundtrackCollector
    [Information about soundtracks with databases sorted alphabetically by film title and composer]


  • All about jazz
    [All about jazz on the internet]

  • Blues News
    [Magazine on the subject of "blues"]

  • Contemporary jazz
    [Everything about jazz since 1996]

  • An overview of the history of jazz
    [The Jazzhaus Heidelberg has existed since April 2000. Today the Jazzhaus organizes around 150 concerts a year with a focus on modern jazz, but soul, blues, rhythm'n blues, rock, cabaret, etc. are also offered.]

  • Europe Jazz Network
    [Portal to the European jazz scene including a detailed database of musicians]

  • http://www.deutsche-jazzunion.de/
    [For more than 45 years the German Jazz Union (formerly Union of German Jazz Musicians e.V.) has seen itself as the mouthpiece of jazz musicians in Germany]

  • International Archives for the Jazz Organ (IAJO)
    [Everything about the topic of "Jazz and (Hammond) Organ": information, artists, CDs, news ...]

  • Jazz - An overview of jazz history
    [By Wolfram Knauer, Jazz Institute Darmstadt]

  • Jazz Clubs Of The World
    [Jazz clubs around the world with addresses]

  • Jazz Online
    [News from the jazz scene]

  • Jazz Pages - Jazz in Germany
    [Everything about jazz in Germany: musicians, scene, clubs, festivals, photography ...]

  • Jazz Institute Darmstadt
    [The Darmstadt Jazz Institute houses Europe's largest public jazz collection. The homepage leads you with numerous links to the jazz scene in Germany and around the world, to biographies, clubs, festivals ...]

  • JazzStandards.com
    [This page contains a lot of interesting information about jazz standard titles.]

  • Jazz newspaper
    [The JazzZeitung contains interviews, portraits, current jazz news, especially from Germany, reviews of CDs and books, news about workshops and festivals.]


  • a cappella online
    ["Page for all those interested in a cappella: singers, groups, fans, management, organizers, amateurs, professionals, beginners, advanced"]

  • Abbey of Solesmes
    [Under the heading "Gregorian Chant" there is detailed information on the history of Gregorian chant and the structure of the musical mass with sound samples]

  • Bach Cantatas website
    [Everything you should or always wanted to know about Bach cantatas]

  • Baroque music special
    [Extensive collection of links from the Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library on everything to do with baroque music]

  • Baroque Music
    [Information and links about baroque music: information, composers, instruments]

  • cantus
    [Homepage for the promotion of sacred music: current information, musical expertise, sheet music in various formats (e.g. MIDI, capella files) and exchange opportunities for musicians]

  • ChoralNet
    [The home of Choralist, ChoralTalk, ChoralAcademe, Web Message Boards, and many other internet resources for the world of choral music. ChoralNet is also the official website of the International Federation for Choral Music]

  • Chorverzeichnis.de
    [Database for choirs and vocal ensembles]

  • Classical Net
    [CD reviews and a huge collection of links to classical music on the Internet]

  • Complete directory of German choirs and vocal ensembles
    [Professional, semi-professional and amateur ensembles in Germany]

  • Gregorian chants
    [Gregorian chant:
    The greatest love song ever recorded, sung continuously for over 1000 years.]

  • IAWM - The International Alliance for Women in Music
    [Women in music]

  • Church music list
    [Discussion and mailing list for church musicians, many other functions, e.g. sheet music download]

  • Classic today
    [News from the international classical music scene]

  • Klassik.com
    [Everything about classical music: news, orchestras, choirs, ensembles, musicians, composers, musicians jokes, anniversaries, events, libraries, music magazines, job market, CD reviews ...]

  • Classics
    [On this page you can find information (e.g. catalog raisonnés) of various personalities in serious music (composers, conductors, performers, ...)]

  • Classic accents
    [Current information, portraits of musicians, tour dates, CD order service, audio samples and more; incl. Deutsche Grammophon classical music archive with listening and ordering options]

  • Lexicon of persecuted musicians from the Nazi era
    [Extensive database with biographies, some with pictures, sheet music and music examples as well as references to other sources]

  • Mittelaltermusik.de
    ["Almost everything about medieval music"]

  • MUGI - Music and Gender on the Internet
    ["MUGI is a multimedia research platform on the subject of 'Music and Gender on the Internet'"; it provides information on musicians (composers, instrumentalists, singers, patrons, etc.) and on selected topics.]

  • musica reanimata
    [This homepage of the "Association for the Rediscovery of Nazi Persecuted Composers and Their Works e.V." also contains a list of composers who were persecuted and partly murdered in Germany during National Socialism, with biographies, short biographies and links to their homepages, if available]

  • Sequence 21
    [Portal to contemporary classical music]

  • Playwives in the Middle Ages
    [A multimedia presentation that uses pictures, music examples, background information and further links to inform about the position and importance of playwives in the Middle Ages.]

  • Spielleut.de
    ["Portal for Medieval Music of Minstrels and Vagants", short portraits of typical instruments, sheet music and MP3 files for downloading]

  • Unheard Beethoven
    [MIDI files of rarely played Beethoven works]

  • VioWorld
    ["Market for musicians and people interested in music" including job market with orchestra and internship positions as well as classified ads for instruments, sheet music, CDs, literature, jobs and much more]

  • Vocals scene
    [Internet portal all about vocal music including choir database and information on workshops]


  • Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group
    [Website of Lloyd Webber's production company "The Really Useful Company" with information about the successful musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber]

  • Musical1
    [Website that reports on current musical productions in Germany and presents them in more detail. You can also book tickets for the musicals directly on this page.]

  • MusicalShop.de
    [Online shop for musicals]

  • Stage Holding - The Theater Company
    [Everything about the company's musical productions played in Germany]

Opera / operetta

  • Aria Database
    [Looking for an aria? No problem with this database]

  • Libretto Index
    [Directory of operas for which the libretto can be found on the Internet]

  • Opera Critic
    [News from the opera scene, reviews, reviews, dates]

  • Opera Platform
    [The Opera Platform is an opera brokerage website. Among other things, the site offers subtitles for each opera in six languages, additional material, an archive, etc.]

  • Operabase
    [Events, artists, opera houses, festivals, news and reviews, CDs, videos, related links - all worldwide]

  • OperaStuff
    [Singers, opera houses, opera links, "Singer Resource"]

  • Operissimo
    [Opera database with information on first performances, casts, performances (including current ones!), Opera composers, opera houses and much more]

  • Opera guide
    [Summaries and complete libretti of various operas, some in several languages]

  • operon
    [Comprehensive overview of the world of opera: composers, operas (including terms, opera roles, arias, book tips), artists (including singers, voice types, conductors / directors, set designers, writers, librettists, theater professions), opera houses / tickets , Festivals, proverbs, quotes, links]

  • ground floor box
    [The "somewhat different" opera magazine: snappy, funny and always up to date]

  • Ticket & Tour Opera Archive
    [Contents of the 50 most famous operas]

  • Zazzerino
    ["Guide through opera, operetta, oratorio and ballet", with table of contents]

Rock / pop

  • 0711 hip hop
    [The German hip hop lives in Stuttgart - and from there it goes into the wide world with many links]

  • All Music Guide
    ["Light music" guide: styles, their development history, most important representatives, current artists and albums]

  • Billboard
    [Interviews, charts and news from the current rock and pop music scene]

  • Coverinfo.de
    [Huge database with comparisons of original titles and their cover versions, including artists and year of publication. There is also a list of band and artist names that are likely to be confused with one another.]

  • German Rock & Pop Musicians Association
    [Current information on the rock music scene in Germany and around the world including the online edition of the "Musician Magazine"]

  • German Rock-n-Pop Museum (rpm), Gronau
    [The museum deals with the "cultural history of popular music of the 20th century"]

  • German rock
    [Rock bands in Germany]

  • Guide to electronic music
    [House, Trance, Techno and much more: Here you can find out which styles of electronic music there are and how these are linked]

  • HipHop.de
    [Information and updates on music, community, graffiti - nationally and worldwide]

  • Home of Rock
    [Rock magazine with information on bands from A - Z, CD and DVD reviews, concert reports, festivals, interviews, articles & biographies, picture galleries, rock history, reggae, (new) country and the latest rock news]

  • Indiepedia.de
    [Wiki on the subject of indie and pop culture]

  • According to. the music channel
    [Current information from the international music scene, charts, information about musicians and bands with links to their homepages and much more]

  • Melodiva - female music networking
    [On this page of the association "Women make music e.V." there is a band index. As a band or musician, you can register yourself free of charge in this band directory. On the site you can also find further information (concerts, reviews, workshops, agencies, ...).]

  • Metal Archives
    [Free database with approx. 90,000 bands from the metal genre, from underground to mainstream]

  • Metal.de - The Dark Site
    [The metal magazine on the net]

  • motor.de - Alternative music propaganda
    [A music platform for everyone interested, including a comprehensive network with a label, radio station, TV project and tour operator.]

  • musikmachen.de
    [The entry-level magazine all about making music]

  • MyOwnMusic
    [Independent artists and bands can present themselves here. The music is often available for download free of charge]

  • MZEE.com - Hip Hop Network
    [Forum, dates, shop, news and lots of links]

  • New Musical Express (NME)
    [Online music magazine with the latest information on bands and stars, reviews, videos, pictures, charts, tours]

  • Panic Prize from the Udo Lindenberg Foundation
    ["The Udo Lindenberg Foundation announces the PanikPreis for the first time in 2008 and every two years thereafter. It involves new text and poem settings, inspired by the works of Hermann Hesse and Udo Lindenberg, but also the participants' own songs." Bands from Baden-Württemberg are eligible to participate]

  • Disk tests
    [Internet music magazine for sound carrier reviews from the fields of rock and independent]

  • Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim
    [Music business and pop music design can be studied here]

  • Pop information center
    [Person database rock, jazz with full text search option]

  • Powermetal.de
    [Online magazine ("the power of Metal, Rock and Gothic") with news, activists, interviews, reports, concert dates and much more]

  • PunkRockVids.com
    [free download of punk rock videos, also chat and forum area]

  • PureVolume
    [On this page new bands and artists of all genres have the opportunity to present themselves.]

  • rap.de
    [Rap magazine online with news, activists, radio on the net and much more]

  • regioactive - the music scene on the web
    [Magazine, event calendar and musicians' portal for Germany with a focus on southwest Germany for newcomer bands and established ones]

  • Rock mine
    [Rock music lexicon with lots of information about musicians, bands, news, who sang which hit, ...]

  • Rolling Stone
    [THE rock magazine on the internet. With detailed information about bands and artists]

  • Stereogum
    [A music blog where you can find out when bands are giving away a song for free somewhere online, releasing a new video or working on a new album.]

  • Sound spy
    [Editorially supervised German-language MP3 music guide: presents the most interesting promotional MP3 songs that have been put on the Internet by record companies or musicians]


  • OGAE Germany
    [German section of the international association for all friends of the Eurovision Song Contest with lots of current information on the German preliminary decisions and the annual Grand Prix, statistics from all participating countries, etc.]

Dance music

  • SambaConnection
    ["Samba groups and activities in and around Germany"]

  • Dance music
    [Music recommendations for the various standard and Latin American dances]

  • Dance music online
    [Which music titles are suitable for which dance? Here is an overview for standard, latin and fashion dances]

World music

  • Hebrew Songs.com
    [This page offers a list of Hebrew songs and, to a large extent, their lyrics, translations and performers]

  • Profolk
    [Association for song, folk and world music in Germany]

  • Folk songs
    [20,000 folk songs from all over the world]

  • Folk songs archive
    [Texts of German folk songs as well as a folk song dictionary with the subjects of "composers, poets and collectors", "musicians", "terms and idioms" and "works"]

  • WOMAD - World of Music, Arts and Dance
    [World music festivals worldwide, labels, workshops]

  • World Music Central
    [World music international: artists, genres, instruments, festivals, labels, ethnology, organizations ... with further links]

  • World Music Charts Europe
    [Every month the top 20 in world music, nominated by 45 radio presenters from 23 European countries]

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