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The top 15 long-distance cars: How to get to your destination in comfort

  1. 1. What is comfort in a car and how can it be recognized?
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What actually is comfort in a car and how can this be recognized?

We measure comfort based on 3 factors: Noise level, suspension and comfort of the seats. Nobody feels comfortable inside a car when there is a lot of noise from driving noises and wind. Conversations are then difficult and music has to drown out the noise. The suspension of the chassis is important so that you don't notice every bump in the road in the car. We also don't want to notice bumps on the motorway or dirt on construction sites at the wheel.

Many people take it for granted that the seats are comfortable, but what are the key factors? Of course, the car seats must neither be too soft nor too hard, whereby one should rather prefer harder padded seats, as these are more comfortable on long journeys. Also the The size of the seat and thigh support, as well as the presence of contouring and side supports is relevant. Ideally, you can adapt the seat to your own requirements. Various adjustment options ensure that drivers of different sizes always sit comfortably.

But also other factors such as the amount of space inside the vehicle, the type of fuel and fuel consumption all play a role in deciding which car is best suited for long journeys. It is also worth knowing how reliable the car is and how many kilometers it can cover in its lifetime. So that you have a selection of suitable models, we present a few cars in comparison in different categories.


The Hyundai i10 took first place among the small cars or city cars. The tight seats are comfortable and the insulation against the noise of wind and rolling is good even on the motorway. The suspension is satisfactory even on longer journeys.

Small car

In the small car category, the Ford Fiesta impresses thanks to its good suspension even at higher speeds. The seats in the car are comfortable and you can only hear the driving noises inside. The combined Consumption is very low at 3.6 liters and is another selling point. But the KA + from Ford is also impressive in terms of comfort.

Compact class

When it comes to comfort, VW is ahead in the compact class. The VW Golf and the SUVs VW Tiguan and VW T-Roc impress with their particularly comfortable seats, which are pleasantly contoured and have a large seating area. The insulation is good and as optional extra are available from Golf and Tiguan adaptive dampersthat ensure that your car lies quietly on the road even when fully loaded.

Middle class

Audi leads the middle class with the A4. And the Q5 from Audi clearly beats the competition in the mid-size SUV category. Adaptive dampers are optionally available for both models (with the Q5 only with the quattro) and tight sports seats. The noise level is very low in both cars. The Q5 even impresses with acoustic glazing. Incidentally, with the A4, A6 and A8, Audi has a number of endurance runners or “kings of kilometers” in its range, in other words cars that, with regular maintenance and care, can also achieve mileage over the 200,000 mark. As an alternative, there is the Skoda Superb, which impresses with its soft suspension and spacious seats - and that comes as standard.

Upper class

In the luxury segment, the 5 Series BMW impresses with its optional comfort seats. Many setting options ensure that the seat can be ideally adapted to any body stature. The adaptive dampers are not part of the standard equipment, but leave that to the driver Adjust the chassis for sportiness or long-distance comfort as required. The Bentley Bentayga tops the list among luxury SUVs. It has comfortable leather seats, excellent noise insulation and the air suspension also compensates for bad roads. If the Bentley is too expensive for you, you can switch to the Audi Q7, which is hardly worse in terms of comfort, but clearly cheaper is.


In the luxury class, the Audi A8 competes with various Rolls-Royce models and impresses with one body quickly settling down. The Mercedes SL takes first place among the sports cars. The suspension is supple and the seats are adjustable in many ways. In the field of vans, the Ford Galaxy can assert itself, with which you can comfortably transport up to 7 people.


Ultimately, buying a car is always based on that own taste - Of course, this also applies to the purchase of a long-distance car. So whether you prefer to drive an SUV or a station wagon, whether you want to spend 20,000 euros or 50,000 euros on a car and how much horsepower your car should have under the bonnet, you have to decide for yourself.

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