What does God the Father mean

Godfather (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Note on inflection:
Usually used without an article.
Other spellings:
God the Father, God the Father
God | va | ter, no plural
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ɡɔtˈfaːtɐ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Theology: first person of the trinity; the creator
Origin of the term:
Determinative compound, made up of God and father
Opposite words:
1) JesusChrist, Holy Spirit
General terms:
1) God
Application examples:
1) “Over centuries has been God the Father not shown in the picture. "
Nominative: singular (the) God the Father; Plural
Genitive: singular (of God the Father); Plural
Dative: singular (the godfather); Plural
Accusative: singular (the) God the Father; Plural


  • English: 1) God the Father
  • French: 1) Dieu le Père
  • Italian: 1) Dio Padre (male)
  • Latin: 1) Deus Pater (male)
  • Swedish: 1) faders

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

And that Tony Soprano the beefy God the Father of all modern antihero is. Anyone who has not spent the last two decades in the Australian jungle knows all this.
stern.de, January 14, 2019

Double anniversary for electrical pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre Jean-Michel Jarre is considered to be Godfather of electro music ('Oxygène', 'Equinoxe' and 'Magnetic Fields') and masters of mega concerts.
Gala.de, August 24, 2018

Putin as Godfather of globalized autocrats - how realistic is that? Asked sarcastically: did Putin help the Polish government into the saddle? Conspiracy theories do not help, on the contrary.
russland.NEWS, October 08, 2018

Indro Montanelli is considered to be Godfather of journalism in Italy. Because he was a racist rapist, some are calling for the statue to be demolished.
TAZ, June 17, 2020

Stormzy and Wiley have been lying there for weeks Godfather of British Grimes, in a clinch.
LooMee TV, January 21, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • God the Father (Christian)
  • Father (christl.): Sociology, familial: male parent; Sociology leader; Biology partner of the mother in the creation of offspring; ecclesiastical (title or salutation for) clergy; Religion (paraphrase for) God; only plural: the ancestors

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Dictionary entries

Entries from our dictionary containing "God the Father":

father: Allfather, Godfather, Godfather, Ancestral Father, Founding Father 6) Grandfather, Greatfather, Archfather, Ancestral Fathers Application examples: 1) Markus is the father of Jaqueline

God: ... Deity, Gotthilf, Gotthold, God Emperor, God King, Divinity, Gottlieb, Gottseibeiuns, God the Father, God trust (Beelzebub), demigod, Lord God sacrament, Chicken God (stone with ...

fader:… Søn like father, like son Typical word combinations: 1) Gud fader (God the Father), den hellige fader (the Pope), byens fædre (the city fathers), i faders sted…

trinity: ... 1) Christianity: Description of God, represented by the trinity of the equal persons Father ("God the Father"), Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit in the unity of God ...

Speak tacheles: ... 1) "You can guess what is required, but nobody speaks Tacheles." 1) "As the former" Godfather "of the Greens and" Apo-Grandpa "among his party friends recently the ...

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