Will yoga get me fit

Ursula Karven "Yoga is a cure for everything"

What can yoga do for a good figure?
In contrast to strength training, the muscles do not become thicker, but simply stronger and more defined. Because with yoga, the deep muscles are also stressed. And it doesn't go away right away if you don't train for two weeks. Another difference to other sports is that yoga involves working with the whole body.

Can you also work on problem areas with yoga?
Yoga is an overall concept. You strengthen and tone everything equally, the whole body, fortunately the problem areas are simply part of it. Yoga is not a program with which one only works specifically on problem areas. But the effects for body and figure are incredible, you not only strengthen, you also detoxify.

Do I also burn fat during the sessions?
Absolutely. It depends, of course, on what kind of yoga you practice. In every type of hatha and power yoga, i.e. physical yoga, fat burning takes place and at the same time a great reduction in stress, without which weight loss is not possible. There are many scientific studies that prove this.

Almost sounds like yoga is an all-round remedy ...
That's it. The exercises, combined with breathing, bring you into a state where the thinking machine becomes calm and still. Apart from serious physical illnesses, worries, pain and suffering usually only take place in the head. In the past or in the future. Yoga is very helpful here: through concentrated breathing you can stop the thinking machine, you come into a state of the here and now. And in this very present there is no suffering.

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