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MS Paint: Invert colors - this is how it works in Windows 10

MS Paint

You have been able to invert colors in MS for many years. However, the exact way depends on which version you are using. Our guide is aimed at users of Windows 10, as they now represent the vast majority.

In Paint, you can invert the colors in the entire picture or just in a specific area.

In the case of color inversion, the respective combinations are defined using the RGB conversion. The color value is always subtracted from the maximum value (i.e. 255). So it is not complicated from a mathematical point of view to understand the color inversion and calculate it in advance.

Here's how you can reverse the colors in Paint

Reversing the color in Paint is very simple:
  1. First of all, you need to determine the area where you want to invert the colors. To mark the entire image, press the key combination "Ctrl" + "A". If you only want to mark a certain area, you can do this with the "Select" function.
  2. Then right-click anywhere in the marked area.
  3. In the selection, click Invert Color.
The colors are then inverted. Here are a few examples:
  • Black becomes white
  • Yellow becomes blue
  • Purple becomes green
Since you can always undo the color reversal with the key combination "Ctrl" + "Z", it makes sense to try it out yourself with different colors.

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