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Planting cherry laurel hedge - step by step

In the step-by-step instructions, we explain how to use aCherry laurel hedge properly planted. This begins with the watering of the plants, continues with the digging of the planting holes and the setting of the cherry laurel to the application of the covering material. Find out what you need to consider when planting individual varieties.

The classic oneCherry laurel offers a year-round hedge plantoptimal privacy protection. The slightly shiny, evergreen leaves of the cherry laurel also bring a natural look to your garden or front yard and allow a lively alternative to the garden fence as a property fence. The hardy wood tolerates pruning well and is also easy to care for. Other varieties such as the are suitable as privacy screens in the Mediterranean gardenPortuguese cherry laurel with its slightly smaller, dark green leaves.

Note: For the planting of hedges as property fencing, there are Construction and neighboring law requirements as well as special local statutes that define the free use of hedges as fencing. The city or municipal administration can provide information on local requirements. Find out about the relevant regulations in good time before you decide on the location for your cherry laurel hedge.