Why were Io games so successful

These online games are perfect for corona video chats with friends

Many games are also available simply as apps. However, the disadvantage is that you almost always have to register and reveal your data with the download. We checked out games that work through the browser and do not require registration. The best thing to do, of course, is to play the games while you talk to your friends via Skype, Zoom, house party or something.


Gartic.io and skribbl.io

The two are actually like the games Monday painter or Activity. One person reads a word, has to paint it and another has to guess which word it is - easy. To be able to play it online with your friends, enter gartic.io or skribbl.io in the browser on your mobile phone or computer. You can then choose a player name, set the language and create a room for you and your friends. Then you will get a link that you can send your friends to play with them.

Cards Against Humanity

At azala.info you can play an online version of Cards Against Humanity - one of the funniest games for an evening with friends. If you are new to the game: A person (the “Tsar”) plays a black card with a text in the blank or a question. All other players choose a filler or an answer from their cards. The tsar then decides on the best card. It's ridiculous what kind of sentences or answers come out!

If you video chat with "Houseparty", you can also play games directly in the app. For example, they now have karaoke - so you can sing songs with up to seven friends. Disadvantage: You have to register in the app before you can start.


silent post

The Gartic Phone game is actually a silent post - a real classic! You can play together with up to 14 people and keep spinning the stories. The game is currently being streamed a lot on Twitch and Co. Great recommendation!


Friendships are not only destroyed face to face by the card game UNO. But at least you can't tear the cards up online. At unofreak.com you create a room by choosing a name and a password and you pass both on to your friends. You can enter it with you and then land in your room and you can start playing. And when you get a four-draw again, you can just hang up. 🤷‍♀️

By the way:


Codenames is actually a party game that is played in two groups: the red group and the blue group. On the table there are cards with words that must be guessed. But only the chosen so-called "secret service chief" knows which words belong to which group. He or she gives information about the cards, i.e. names a category and the number of cards that are being searched for, for example: "Royal House 2", if "Princess" and "Castle" are meant. The winner is the group that guessed all of its terms first.

Because games in which groups gather in the living room don't work so well at the moment, you can also try out Codenames online: Simply open a games room, share the link with friends and start playing.


If you want to be very intelligent and activate your brain cells a bit, you can play city, country, river online with your friends. Again, you can create a room for you and your friends, invite them with a link and then play against them.