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Sony beats Microsoft: Chat service Discord comes to the Playstation

With a minority stake in Discord, the Playstation manufacturer Sony was able to prevail against Microsoft. For gamers, the deal could bring a lot of improvements.

It's a connection that users have longed for. While the chat service Discord refused a liaison with Microsoft, the Japanese manufacturer Sony seems to have found the right partner. Discord should be actively integrated into the Playstation network as early as next year.

What does this deal mean? Discord is a communication platform comparable to Slack, Skype and Teams. Primarily, however, players come together there. Discord is characterized by its uncomplicated handling and the possibility of setting up your own server as well as sharing your own screen and streaming a game. Sony's future role is not yet so clear. What is certain is that the Japanese manufacturer has made a micro-investment and is simply supporting Discord financially. The company's official statement reads: “Our goal is to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences on consoles and mobile closer together early next year and allow friends, groups and communities to hang out, have fun and communicate more easily while they play games together. "

With the beginning of the pandemic and the associated lockdowns and exit restrictions, gaming has gained a permanent place in society. Gamers who had long since put their controllers away rediscovered their passion, others only found it in the last few months and those who had always played anyway made even more use of the platforms.

For Playstation users, this announcement means that the recently closed groups could be replaced by Discord. This could also bring some relief to players who play across platforms, especially with regard to disturbing sources of noise.

In this situation, a popular chat system on the platform can be a competitive argument. There are many indications that the Sony alliance could be exclusive. According to media reports, Discord is said to have turned down a takeover offer from Sony competitor Microsoft worth at least ten billion dollars (8.30 billion euros) in the past few weeks and are instead aiming for an IPO.