What is an application that makes animation

Effectively improve the user experience through UI animations

Identify a real problem that needs to be solved and then formulate it easy goal: "We use a movement that is clear and to the point, with simple, easy-to-follow actions that don't distract from the primary task." Translate yours Product features in animation. Let yourself be carried away by Movements from the real world inspire and collect suitable. A clear point of view on how to use animations in your Design system using (or not using) that Your brand uses animation guidelines consistently and effectively. At the same time, it helps your team to work faster thanks to the defined guidelines. The examples from Audi and Design System are examples of thisGuidelines.

A successful animation not only supports the personality of your brand and helps that Message of your product to convey. It also facilitates that Orientation in the interface and makes Interactions more understandable and comprehensible. Animations that convey your message naturally and discreetly and that the user perceives as pleasant have the potential to User experience to improve. Make sure that your animations don't affect the performance of the page too much - there are now techniques that can help you with this.

As mentioned at the beginning, the most important thing is that the animation serves the user. In this context, it is advisable to work with a customer journey map to find out how users move around websites. The positive effect of animations is not only evident on the basis of interfaces, but also very often in explanatory videos. Or did you know that good storytelling is up to 22 times more memorable than listing mere facts?