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Admit it: at the Caribbean island of Jamaica Most of you only think of reggae, rum and dance. Everything may be absolutely true and have a major impact on Jamaica, but the island nation still has so much more to offerwhat many do not even think about! Breathtaking landscapes that you can experience with extraordinary activities, and a culture that is really unique and will enchant you - for sure. I'll show you what you should look out for on your trip to Jamaica, what you absolutely have to experience, and where it is best to endure.

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How and when is the best way to go to Jamaica?

For many, Jamaica is still one of the unreachable dream destinations. The meanwhile numerous flight connections that take you to the island in the middle of the Caribbean, however, prove the opposite! This becomes a Trip to Jamaica is becoming more affordable, the infrastructure is also improving in popular parts of the country. You can currently fly to Montego Bay from Zurich or Basel for around 740 CHF.

There is actually no preferred travel time in terms of weather in Jamaica. The weather is pretty much the same all year round and with average Temperatures between 27 and 30 ° C extremely pleasant. However, you should note that the rainy season here is between May and November - since you are in the tropics, however, this is usually limited to a heavy shower in the afternoon before the rain has disappeared again. By the way, the main season here is between December and April, doesn’t collide with the usual peak travel times and will certainly give you some advantages for your travel budget.

More than just reggae - Unique culture in Jamaica

Well, you're right, reggae is more than just a popular style of music in Jamaica. No matter where you are, somewhere you will always hear such music and cool music dancing people see. With Bob Marley, the genre of music also has its origins here in a certain way, he made reggae popular. But it's not just the beautiful sounds that are important for the Jamaicans, but rather the topics that are dealt with in the songs - the Fight against racism and oppression is mostly in the foreground. If you take a closer look at the pieces, which at first just seem chilled and happy, the lyrics are often very moving and point to Jamaica's sad past in the clutches of slavery. Would you like more about Bob Marley, probably the most famous reggae artist of all time, and experienced about reggae in general, a visit to the Bob Marley Museum in the capital Kingston is recommended. The museum is located in Marley's former home, by the way!

Also the high consumption of marijuana has a deeper meaning - so it is firmly rooted in the Rastafarian belief system. This religion has many followers in Jamaica, and the belief in salvation through smoking weed plays an important role. However, if the lovers of green buds among you see the consumer paradise in Jamaica, I have to disappoint you: The laws are even stricter than in this country. The cultivation, trade or consumption will in most cases even with prison sentencespunished.

If you are in Jamaica, it is very important that Religion and culture of the locals, since many Jamaicans are very religious, they quickly feel hurt if you ignore them or even mock them. You should also avoid impatience, here you just take things a lot easier than we are perhaps used to - keyword: "easy going". Just appreciate that other culture because in Jamaica you basically will very frank received, it is absolutely natural for Jamaicans to simply greet you nicely and ask how you like it and whether you would like to come back again.

International and unique - the cuisine of Jamaica

The Jamaican cuisine also has some really tasty dishes, many of which are international influences demonstrate. The reason for this is the descent of many Jamaicans, whose ancestors were brought here as slaves from West Africa. Immigrants from Asian and European countries created a very unique, highly interesting culture in Jamaica, which of course also differs reflected in the kitchen. In a way, it's a mix of Asian, African, Spanish and Indian components - sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it?

In the morning there is often very traditional "Ackee". Ackee is a tree fruit with a taste reminiscent of scrambled eggs, and usually gives you the power for the day together with Saltfish. If you are still hungry afterwards, there is typically goat or pork, which is seasoned with curry and served with rice and beans. And what is closer to culinary delights on an island than many seafood? Nothing at all, so these are also fried and eaten here with vegetables. A typical Jamaican specialty is also jerk chicken or jerk pork, spicy marinated chicken or pork, which then smoked in old tin barrels and is often sold directly on the street. As a snack between meals or as lunch, there are "hot patties", filled dumplings or pies, which are offered in bakeries.

The hot weather makes you thirsty, of course, and above all a remedy fresh coconut juice, which you can also get at small stands on every street corner. Here you first drink the amniotic fluid from the nut and then scrape out the pulp. By the way, the juice of the coconut works significantly more refreshing than soft drinks. In addition to the famous export hit “Blue Mountain Coffee”, Jamaica is also best known for its rum, which you should definitely try!

Out and about in Jamaica

The beautiful island explore on your own? What could be more obvious than doing this yourself with a rental car? But my advice: don't do it. As if left-hand traffic weren't complicated enough, especially for inexperienced drivers, the driving style of many Jamaicans is more reminiscent hordes gone wild than the usual civilized process in this country. In addition, the condition of the roads, especially in the interior of the country, is not exactly tire-friendly. The many buses could be an alternative, but here, too, patience and, above all, understanding for the completely different sense of time in southern climes is required, because sometimes the buses arrive extremely late or not at all.

Reliable means of transport, on the other hand, are taxis, which bring you safely from A to B, but also cost more. It is important that you negotiates the price before departureOtherwise there can be nasty surprises. If money doesn’t matter to you on the go, then be the many to you Domestic flights I recommend that you get from one city to another quickly and safely by small airplanes or helicopters and can still enjoy breathtaking views. The prerequisite, however, is a larger travel budget, in which deeper handles are possible.

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The most beautiful beaches in Jamaica

Caribbean - The thoughts on this region in the western Atlantic are mostly inextricably linked with wonderful dream beaches full of snow-white sand, interrupted only by a few palm trees and turquoise blue water. And if that's exactly what you're looking for, Jamaica is the place for you! There are some wonderful beaches here that you absolutely have to visit. While beaches such as Long Bay or Bloody Bay are often overcrowded with guests from neighboring hotels, you will find some real insider tips east of the port town of Port Antonio. Frenchman’s Cove is one of them - he is world famous! It has already served as a backdrop for various films, such as Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Also San Sanand the Winnifred Beach offer you a really fantastic beach feeling without being overcrowded. Instead, you will mainly meet locals, a much more relaxed atmosphere and a pure Caribbean feeling!

Jamaica at its most authentic in Port Antonio

While the west of the island with cities like Montego Bay den Most of the tourists attracts, the east is even less frequented and provides you with highly interesting insights into the "real" Jamaican culture. The small port city Port Antonio, for example, lies in the middle of the deepest jungle, the foothills of the Blue Mountains can still be seen here. Here you really experience Jamaica from its most pristine side, big sights, hotel complexes or other tourist infrastructure are not here - and that's exactly what makes it all the more exciting. :)

It's just the authentic one, often still untouched nature around the small town, which makes it an incredibly beautiful place. Whether jungle with unique plants and animals, or rarely visited dream beaches, there is really something of everything here. Hollywood has already discovered this beautiful piece of earth for itself, next to the already mentioned Frenchman’s Cove beach is also theBlue Lagoon been a famous set for many films. You are in the middle of nature, in the footsteps of Hollywood, but guaranteed without overcrowded souvenir shops!

Impressive nature that is second to none

In addition to the many beautiful beaches and tropical forests, nature in Jamaica has so much more to offer. They are also known, for example Blue Mountains, a mountain range in the east of the island. It is not only home to the high-quality coffee of the same name, but also offers hikers the perfect conditions to pursue their passion. The paths are steep and are considered very challenging, the breathtaking views over the entire island however, provide more than just a small compensation for the effort.

Fans of unusual marine animals, on the other hand, come to the numerous, beautifully colored coral reefs with an enormous biodiversity at their expense. Some really rare species still feel right at home here, over 700 species of fish live in the reefs and rare sea turtles can also be seen here more often. A very rare animal can also be spotted south of the island, as the funny-looking round-tailed manatees live here, a species that acutely threatened with extinction and can hardly be observed anywhere else.

Jamaica is also known for its numerous impressive waterfalls like the Dunns River Falls in the north of the island, more precisely near the town of Ochos Rios. Here the water plunges almost 200 meters over step-like rocks from the Dunns River into the sea and makes for a breathtaking natural spectacle. The Dunns River Falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica and therefore unfortunately often quite overcrowded. On Sundays, however, locals also like to spend their time having a picnic on the beach at the mouth of the Dunns River into the sea. Things are quieter, but by no means less spectacular Y.S. If, hidden in the middle of the Jamaican hinterland, they are considered by not a few to be the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Jamaica. The water falls over about 15 steps down here, but you can only visit the whole thing as part of a tour, as the waterfalls are privately owned. After a trip in the covered wagon to the foot of the Y.S. But if you are allowed to explore the spectacle on your own.

Cool activities for true explorers

However, you stand up more action, when it comes to exploring the great outdoors in Jamaica, take a close look now! Because there are some really cool activities that present the already impressive landscape from a completely different perspective. An absolute must for the adrenaline junkies among you are these Zipline Adventure Tours in the middle of the deepest jungle near Montego Bay. If you want, you can be picked up right in front of your hotel in the city and taken into the deepest wilderness. And this is where it gets really spectacular. Because after a hike through a kind of high ropes course, a ride on a cable car awaits you - across the deepest jungle and over the deepest slopes! In order to capture the whole thing in pictures, you can hire a photographer exclusively for an extra charge or film the rapid ride with a camera on your helmet.

The numerous are at least as adventurous Kayak or rafting tours in the inland primeval forest. Steer through the partly roaring, partly completely calm rivers in the middle of the tropical rainforest and discover the numerous, often still undiscovered caves of Jamaica on your journey. I think there is hardly more adventure! You can also use a kind of swim ring at the River tubing For example, go down the White River, action is guaranteed thanks to the many rapids.

You are not really a fan of adrenaline kicks and you would rather like the unique nature of Jamaica experience quieter? No problem, there are really cool activities for you too! For example, how about one very interesting dive? As already mentioned, the biodiversity is very high in the coral reefs north of the island, the countless bright colors ensure unique moments under the water surface. It is not for nothing that Jamaica is considered the destination par excellence for divers in the Caribbean. There are therefore many offers for diving on the north coast, such as in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, but the west coast also offers good - if not even better - diving opportunities, the starting point is often the city of Negril. However, diving on the east coast, for example in Port Antonio, will experienced divers only recommended because the currents are much rougher here and can quickly become dangerous for inexperienced divers.

How diverse Jamaica is, isn't it? I think the island nation offers plenty of opportunities to be explored for all tastes. If you have any questions about your Jamaica vacation, please send me a travel request! Have you ever been to Jamaica? What activities and places can you recommend there?

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