Where do freckles come from

Where do freckles come from?

Summer, sun, freckles. No matter whether reddish, orange or brown. These little dots look nice, cheeky and happy. Most people like freckles. Even top model Bridget Hall proudly carries a “swarm” of it down the catwalk. The cause are pigment spots that are too rapid.

All are colored

Freckles are bright pigment spots. "Pigment" comes from the Latin word "pigmentum", which means "color" or "dye". Human skin is always colored: sometimes light beige, sometimes reddish, sometimes brown or almost black. Nobody is really white or really black. The dye or pigment for the skin is made up of very specific cells. They are called melanocytes. Freckles occur when the skin's pigment-producing cells produce pigment more and more quickly. The predisposition to this is inherited. Hence, only some people have freckles.

UV light makes freckles

Most people with freckles also have relatively light skin and blonde or red hair. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight have a particularly beneficial effect on the formation of freckles. Under their influence, the skin produces a particularly large amount of pigment and thus pigment spots if someone is predisposed to do so. We get most of the sunlight in summer. During this time of year the nice little dots also sprout. Sure, hence the name "freckles". In the cold season they then take off again a little.

Freckles are not dangerous

Freckles are completely harmless. In contrast to birthmarks, they do not pose a cancer risk. Freckles are typical for people with sensitive skin. If you have the icing on the cake, you should always protect your skin from too much sun.