How do we have black cats

Black cat from the left

If a black fur nose crosses the path from the left, it should bring a lot of bad luck. This superstition goes back to Christian thought.

The Bible says that at the Last Judgment the good people stand on the right side, while the bad people stand on the left (cf. Mt 25: 31-46). So the cat comes from the bad, ominous side.

White hair as a lifesaver

Other cruel customs persisted for many centuries: On June 24th, the day of St. John, black cats were burned alive as "devil beings". The cats that were thrown into the Midsummer bonfire, however, had to be completely black. They were only considered real devils if they didn't have a single white hair on their bodies.

As a result, completely black cats became increasingly rare over time. On the other hand, specimens with white spots survived and were able to pass on their coloring to subsequent generations. Even today it is very rare to find velvet paws with completely black fur. Most of them have a white spot somewhere.

Danger on Halloween

Fortunately, such cruel rituals are a thing of the past. Animal rights activists recommend leaving black cats at home on Halloween to be on the safe side. It happens again and again that animal abusers and Satanists abuse the animals on this day for "black magic".

Lucky charm in England

In England it is believed that “patent leather” brings luck - especially for women. An English proverb says, for example: "If the house cat is black, there will be no shortage of suitors."

By the way, a black fur nose is considered the perfect wedding gift in the British Midlands, because it brings happiness and eternal love to the bride.