Which is better QuarkXpress or Adobe PageMaker

Convert QuarkXPress and PageMaker documents

  • Text is converted to InDesign text frames.

  • Tables in PageMaker files are converted to InDesign tables.

  • QuarkXPress style sheets are converted to InDesign formats. Choosing “[No Format]” in PageMaker is the same as choosing “[No Paragraph Format]” in InDesign. However, if you select [No Paragraph Style], the attributes of a named style will be included if that style was selected before text was entered in the PageMaker typesetting file.

  • InDesign uses the Adobe Paragraph Composer for all paragraphs, which causes some text to flow around. You can assign Adobe single-line typesetting to one or more paragraphs so that the line breaks created correspond to those of the PageMaker typesetting engine. But text can still flow around.

  • InDesign only works with baseline line spacing. Proportional line spacing and capitalized line spacing in PageMaker are converted to baseline spacing in InDesign. This can lead to text shifts.

  • The first baseline of converted text might appear differently than text created in InDesign. The first baseline of converted text is set to Line Spacing, while the first baseline of text created in InDesign is set to Ascender by default.

  • InDesign uses a different hyphenation than PageMaker. There may therefore be differences in the line breaks.

  • Text that is shaded is converted to plain text. Text converted to outlines is converted to text with a 0.25 inch outline and is filled with the paper color.