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Games authors 'guild: calls for authors to have a say in editing / demands authors' participation in editing

May 19, 2021 - Last year the Games authors' guild (SAZ) one Sample license agreement that provides game publishers and authors with a blueprint for how themselves Conclusion of contracts best formulated together. However, game manufacturers then expressed the wish to have authors * say in the Editing of their works by the publishers to go into more detail. A new Position paper does this now by explaining copyright and content reasons using practical examples.

On this occasion, the SAZ emphasized: "It is time that ALL game publishers accept the authorship of game designers in terms of content and they do not ignore the content of the rules and the topic, or they do sole decision-making monopoly to speak. We do not fail to recognize the competence of the editors in the publishing houses. In the case of book authors, it goes without saying that the final version is approved before going to print. Why should it be different with game designers? It's our games - that's what we stand for with our name! " (th)

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Crowdfunding: Euborea, Battle of the Influencers

05/18/2021 - There are still 26 days left to open KickstarterEuborea to support an RPG of Martin Baer: Two to five players explore and fight their way through a legendary fantasy world. Gods gather heroes in a small village on the island of Euborea for a feast in order to steal their memory with a drink and to let everyone compete with the same starting conditions. Upon waking up, players complete tasks, investigate adventurous locations, and collect loot. It is important to combine existing skills. In between, new talents can be learned and improved. In the end, the winner is whoever has earned the most fame points. Martin Baer recommends the mixture of luck, skill and story for experienced players. The finished one Euborea should cost backer 45 €, there are also various additional options and stretch goals.

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Game / Kennerspiel / Children's game of the year 2021: die nominees / the nominees

05/17/2021 - Despite the unusual framework conditions, it has a club game of the year this year too, we managed to try out enough new products to buy the three Nominees to the "Game of the Year", "Kennerspiel des Jahres" and "Children's game of the year" to choose. Presented today Christoph Schlewinski, Coordinator of the children's play jury, and the chairman of the association Harald Schrapers online the finalists.

These titles can hope to win the trophy as best child's game pick up: Dragominoof Bruno Cathala, Marie Fort and Wilfried Fort (Publisher: Pegasus Spiele), which the jury described as a "dragon-strong placement game" for 2-4 children from 5 years of age; Fabulous worldsalso by Marie & Wilfried Fort (Lifestyle Boardgames), a "fabulous storytelling game" for 2-6 children from 5 years; and Mia London of Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat (Scorpion Masqué), an "exciting detective game" for 2-4 children from 5 years.

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