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April 8, 2017, 9:58 pm

America, motherland of jazz. And still a center of attraction. Also for the three Austrian pianists Walte Phishbacher, Martin Reiter and Martin Gasselsberger.


Almost ten years ago, the pianist Walter Fischbacher (now Phishbacher) left his home country Austria to settle in New York and become musically active there. It was not an easy thing, because making a career as a jazz pianist in the "Big Apple" and being able to make a living from your music is of course not that easy Mainstay as a specialist in piano tuning for such prominent pianists as Hancock, Camilo, Hersh and Tyner.

Two years ago, however, Fischbacher followed the call of the trumpeter Laco Deczi and from then on he was finally back on the road as an active jazz pianist. With the drummer Harry Ganglberger, who is also active in the USA, and the American bassist Steve Doyle, Phishbacher has now founded a piano jazz trio that made the jazz community sit up and take notice with its debut CD, "Chillin '", bluesy, groovy, enriched with Latin elements , ballad-like and swinging, Phishbacher plays his way into the top league of piano jazz trios.

Chez es Saada

"Chez es Saada" is the name of a Moroccan eatery in Downtown Manhattan 1st Street, the atmosphere of which inspired the pianist Martin Reiter for his recording debut. Martin Reiter, who was awarded a New York scholarship as part of the 2001 Koller Prize, has this Excellent used to record an interesting album full of musical impressions.

The title "Chez es Saada" appears three times on the CD, from different perspectives in different formations: solo, quartet and with the Feuerhaus orchestra, with the Reiter recently recorded the concerto for piano and orchestra in C major, KV 503 has (with piano, Fender Rhodes and Hammond).

Of course, Martin Reiter has taken compositions by American composers with him and has personal access to titles such as "Monk's Dream", "Stella by Starlight", Gershwin's "Foggy Day" and Horace Silver's "Peace", in which he describes security and tranquility. Places where you feel uncompromisingly at ease, such as in "Chez es Saada".

2nd move

While Phishbacher and Martin Reiter took musical ideas and influences from the USA to Europe, Martin Gasselsberger's jazz made its way from Austria to America and Canada. On one of the most important Internet portals dealing with jazz and improvised music, namely the All About Jazz Site, the Canadian jazz journalist John Kelman wrote an impressively positive review of MG3's "Second Move".

Kelman compares the music of the Martin Gasselsberger Trio with the recordings of Essbjörn Svensson and Keith Jarrett. Kelman is fascinated by the independence of the sound of the trio consisting of pianist Martin Gasselsberger, bassist Roland Kramer and Gerald Endstrasser, drums.

So if you want to believe the American All About Jazz Site, the name MG3 could soon become a household name in the motherland of jazz. In addition, Gasselsberger is also a sensitive companion for female singers. He has already played wonderful duo evenings with the excellent Petra Linecker. By the way, Petra Linecker studied with Ines Reiger and you can experience MG3 live at her "Jazz in A".

CD tips
Walter Phishbacher, "Chillin '", Jazz'n'Arts 2704

Martin Reiter, "Chez es Saada", PG Records 10273

MG3, "2nd Move", ATS Records, 0573

Event tip
"Jazz in A", Friday, June 3, 2005, 8:00 pm, Wiener Stadthalle

Martin Reiter
Walter Phishbacher
Martin Gasselsberger