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Sell ​​Microsoft Lumia phones

Microsoft is probably the best-known computer company in the world. The Microsoft operating system has been running on the vast majority of desktop PCs and notebooks for decades, but only in recent years has the software company ventured into the smartphone market. The Nokia Lumia smartphones were built and sold together with Nokia. However, with only moderate success, because after the initial interest, the criticism of the mobile operating system increased. Microsoft delivered good software with Windows Phone Mobile, but it couldn't work against Apple's iOS or Google's Android. Nokia has now left the partnership and Microsoft is now producing the devices itself under the name Microsoft Lumia. If you are dissatisfied with your Lumia mobile phone, use our Microsoft Lumia purchase to convert the old technology into cash. Find out below what to do if you're looking to sell your used Microsoft phone! By the way, you can also sell other used cell phones at FLIP4NEW.

Where can I sell my Microsoft phone?

It's really easy to sell your used electronics online. But that doesn't always have to be the case. Individual buying platforms sometimes differ greatly in the scope of their range of services. At FLIP4NEW, however, simplicity and speed are very important! If you want to sell your old Microsoft Lumia, you certainly don't want to spend hours writing descriptive texts for online auctions or taking beautiful pictures. With us, just a few clicks are enough to describe the condition of your used smartphone. Our fixed price offer will appear just as quickly. So save yourself the trouble that is waiting for you elsewhere and use our Microsoft Lumia purchase today!

Why weren't Microsoft cell phones successful in the market?

The main point of criticism of the Microsoft cell phones was mainly directed at the software used, Windows Phone Mobile. Compared to iOS or Android, it didn't look very contemporary with its tile design and the list of features was also rather clear. Windows 8 was released at the same time, and Microsoft was generally faced with severe headwinds. The partnership with Nokia should not pay off, as the Nokia Lumia did not set new standards either technically or visually. Since the cooperation with the Finnish manufacturer was ended, Microsoft has been selling its smartphones, now called Microsoft Lumia, itself.

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