Who gives the most humanitarian aid

Doctors Without Borders - Development Aid or Humanitarian Aid?

Doctors Without Borders is an organization that primarily provides humanitarian aid with a focus on medical emergency aid. Development aid organizations start working when the greatest need is over.

Humanitarian aid

For more than 40 years, MSF has been providing humanitarian aid, often referred to as emergency aid or disaster relief. It comes into play in the event of violent conflicts, natural disasters or the outbreak of epidemics. Its aim is to ensure survival, alleviate suffering and empower the people affected to take their lives into their own hands again. Humanitarian aid is often seen as a short-term measure. Doctors Without Borders' aid projects focus on emergency medical aid, water and sanitation, and nutritional support. Almost always local employees receive training or further education so that the sustainability of our projects is guaranteed.

Development Assistance

Development aid starts when the greatest need is over, there is a certain stability again and the reconstruction phase can begin. It is considered a longer-term measure. Most development aid organizations work with local governmental or non-governmental partners. Your activities should have a lasting effect by building personnel capacities that will continue the projects in the long term. Traditionally there are more development aid organizations in Germany. Some of them have established a humanitarian aid branch, but their focus is clearly on development aid.