Which protein shakes are there for bodybuilding?

Protein shakes in comparison: this really matters

Many successful athletes, actors and diet coaches swear by protein shakes. We will inform you specifically about the central quality features and show you which shake is the right one for which goal.

Benefits of protein shakes

Proteins are the building block of all life and play an important role in nutrition. Regular exercise increases the need for protein up to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Proteins are made up of amino acids in their smallest unit. Your body can produce some of these amino acids on its own, others it has to take in through your diet. The daily additional requirement for protein must also be covered by diet or sports nutrition.

Protein shakes are the easiest and most convenient ways of his daily protein requirement in addition to "normal" foods to cover. With one shake a day, you provide your body with an additional 20 grams of protein that it can use for building and regeneration processes within the muscles.

  • High protein substitute for fatty calorie bombs
  • Fast supply of essential amino acids
  • Support for building muscle
  • Low-calorie snack for body shaping

Protein shakes for shaping

The key to shaping is getting enough protein. Especially after physical training, it is advisable to supply quickly available protein from protein shakes and to optimally supply the muscles with the necessary nutrients.

Vegan protein - the plant-based one

  • Ideal for vegan strength and endurance athletes
  • Rich in essential amino acids
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Proteins are converted much more slowly than carbohydrates and fats. They first have to be broken down into individual sequences with the help of enzymes before they are available to the organism as a building material. Due to this complex processing process, proteins “occupy” our body much longer than many sugar and calorie bombs.

Since the carbohydrate content in the diet is often reduced in favor of proteins in diets, higher amounts of proteins must be supplied through the diet. The requirement here can increase to 1.5 - 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (depending on the level of physical activity).

In addition, a sufficient supply of protein can counteract muscle breakdown.
The aim of body shaping is to reduce body fat only and to keep the loss of muscle mass as low as possible.

Protein shake to build muscle

Building muscle without sufficient energy and protein intake is impossible. Only when our organism has enough protein building blocks can it allow itself the “luxury” of new muscle mass - after all, the newly gained, active muscles also want to be supplied with nutrients.

Whey Protein - The Classic

For: Fast nutrient supply
Special feature: available extremely quickly
When: Ideally right after training

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3K Protein - The all-rounder

For: Fast & long-term nutrient supply
Special feature: optimal protein combination
When: Perfect after training in the evening

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The supply of essential amino acids, the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine & valine) is particularly important for building muscle. BCAAs capsules ensure that protein synthesis in the body runs optimally and that the build-up of new muscle mass is accelerated. BCAAs are contained in high doses in protein shakes and are therefore ideal for all aspects of training. The most important phases for the protein supply in relation to muscle building are around the training unit (immediately before and after). After training, the intake of protein shakes not only supports muscle growth, but also accelerates regeneration processes.

Protein shakes in comparison

Whey Protein - The King of Protein Shakes

Whey protein is considered the king of protein shakes. It is obtained directly from cow's milk.
The whey protein is characterized by a particularly high proportion of essential amino acids, which are important for the complete functioning of protein synthesis.

Whey protein is quick to digest and is used immediately after training to supply the body with all the important protein building blocks for regeneration and growth.

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3K Protein - The all-purpose weapon

Multi-component protein shakes are characterized by a diverse protein profile. Here, up to four different protein sources are often combined in order to increase the biological value of the products. The advantage of this protein is that it can be used universally. Both strength and endurance athletes benefit from the first-class amino acid profile.

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Organic protein - natural & sustainable protein shake

In the area of ​​protein shakes, too, more and more manufacturers are relying on products of organic quality. The focus here is primarily on the selection of raw materials and the ingredients used from controlled organic cultivation.
Artificial sweeteners are not used to sweeten these products; they are often sweetened with natural cane sugar and natural flavors.

To further enhance the taste, real cocoa powder or vanilla pods are used to underline the naturalness.

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Vegan - Natural & Plant-Based Protein Shake

Vegetarians and vegans have to meet their increased protein requirements for muscle building with the help of vegetable protein sources. Mixed vegetable protein powders, for example made from peas, hemp or rice, are ideal. They offer a complete amino acid profile and a high biological value.

High-quality vegan protein shakes are also rich in protein and low in fat and sugar. They are therefore in no way inferior to animal proteins.

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Quality features of protein shakes

For the end user, there are some quality features of protein shakes that are easy to recognize. This includes the Protein content. This should be more than 75 grams per 100 grams of powder, otherwise an inferior raw material cannot be ruled out in the processing process.

A high quality protein shake should also be used without the addition of artificial colors and preservatives as well as aspartame get along. The following applies to the label scan: the shorter the list of ingredients used, the more unprocessed the protein shake is.

Of course it is too price a quality and differentiating factor when choosing the right protein shake. Everyone should critically question products that advertise with dumping prices and high-quality content at the same time.


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