Is it fun to visit Hungary?

Get to know a piece of Hungary

  • Leisure time

    If you want to experience your vacation actively, you will get your money's worth here at Lake Balaton in Hungary. Thereby ...

  • Puszta - ride

    I often think of Piroschka ... memories of the film are awakened, even though the Puszta ride leads ...

  • Budapest trip

    Budapest - the pulsating metropolis on the Danube. But not only the special location, also the way of life of the Hungarians characterize this relaxed atmosphere in the Danube metropolis. Especially .

  • Castle of Sissi

    This makes the hearts of the fans of the Sissi films beat faster. This day trip leads via Budapest to Gödöllö to the favorite castle of Sissi. Remarkable...

  • Balaton tour

    On the slopes of the north bank such as Badacsony and the Tihany peninsula, as well as in the flat gardens on the south side, excellent wines thrive, which can be found in many wine bars and ...

  • Thermal baths

    A Hungarian proverb says that all you have to do in the Puszta is stick your walking stick in the ground and warm water will come out. The fact is...

  • To go biking

    Due to the mild, warm climate of Hungary, the cycling season has a wide range from April to October. Experience has shown that it is

  • Tooth for tooth

    Tooth for tooth - it is of course not an "act of revenge", but beautiful and healthy teeth. Beautiful and healthy teeth are especially important, viz