What are different brands of vodka

What should vodka be made from?

Vodka is made from natural foods that contain sugar. The highest quality form is grain. Potatoes, molasses or grapes are of poor quality. Rye as the highest quality form produces a mild, slightly sweet and soft vodka. Barley and wheat are also used in Europe. Rice and corn are traditionally used less. Molasses, a by-product in sugar production, can also be used and very cheap vodka is made from it. As in whiskey production, the rye is mixed with water as a mash and yeast is added. Then it is distilled, filtered and stored several times. With vodka it is very important to remove the fusel oils. The quality of production and filtering determines the final taste and purity. It should contain as little fusel oil as possible in order to prevent the headache and unpleasant side effects the next day. Vodka is drunk pure in Poland and Russia. Those who drink vodka alone are considered alcoholics in these countries. Vodka should only be drunk in company.

Vodka is now produced in almost every country in the world. The leading vodka brands do not necessarily always have the best quality, but the best marketing and the best sales channel. Most sold in descending order of sold quantity: Smirnoff Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Khortytsa Vodka, Khlibniy Dar Vodka, Pyat Ozer Vodka, Zubrowka, Belenkaya, Svedka, Green Mark, Finlandia Vodka, Gray Goose and Skyy Vodka.

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The quality of vodka is repeatedly assessed in independent competitions and tests. They are now divided into the categories Flavored Vodka, Pure Neutral Vodka, Varietal Vodka and Vodka Liqueur. In principle, only the Pure Neutral Vodka category is interesting, because all other categories have been mixed.

2017 Vodka Winner of the World Vodka Awards

Nemiroff Premium De Luxe from Ukraine - Best Pure Neutral Vodka
Nemiroff Premium Cranberry from Ukraine - Best Flavored Vodka
Valentine Vodka from the USA - Best Varietal Vodka

2016 Vodka Winner of the World Vodka Awards

Untamed Irish Vodka - Best Pure Neutral Vodka
Bulbash Zubrovaya Premium from Belarus - Best Flavored Vodka
Valentine Vodka from the USA - Best Varietal Vodka

2015 Vodka Winner of the World Vodka Awards

AK-47 Vodka - Best Pure Neutral Vodka
Viche Pitia Caraway - Best Flavored Vodka

Vodka recommendations and Vodka with Gold Medal

We do not have all of the vodka brands mentioned in the Superbillig Spirituosen online shop. However, these are of extremely good quality: Wheathley Vodka Gold Medal 2014 IWSC, Viru Valge Vodka Gold Medal 2014 IWSC, Firestarter Vodka Gold Medal 2014 IWSC, Adnams Longshore Vodka, Aviv 613 Vodka, Iceberg Vodka, VDKA6100 Vodka, Blue Duck Vodka, Sobieski Estate Single Rye Vodka, Purity Vodka, Khortytsa de Luxe Vodka. We also recommend Minskaya Russian Vodka, Mlechnij Put Vodka, Mordovia Platinium Vodka, Mordovia Premium Vodka, Nemiroff Lex Vodka, Russian Imperia Vodka, Snow Queen Vodka, Stolichnaya Elit Vodka and Zarskaja Selo Vodka.

Which types of vodka we love

Our personal top vodkas are: Partisan Vodka, Vox Vodka, Nemiroff Premium de Luxe Vodka, Nemiroff Lex Ultra Premium Vodka, Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka, Oval 42 Vodka, Uluvka Vodka and Beluga Gold Vodka.

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