Do killers deserve a second chance

What crimes are you so in favor of the death penalty?

Hey, I (m / 16) find them inhuman and not at all justified, and it's also kind of a paradox.

Inhuman (because):

You practically end your gifted life. For me, life is there so that you learn from mistakes, pursue your passions, and always treat each other warmly.

How dare anyone classify the death penalty as "right" ?! These are blind feelings of revenge, hatred, etc. and in the end this only results in falsehood ... Cold-blooded people really cannot understand that.

Life is a gift and nobody can afford to end it without conscience. What kind of world we live in ... But that's normal at this time and nothing new, that's clear.

Not eligible (because):

As I said, it's just wrong. There are several ways to end something and this should be done in a loving way. In my opinion, the death penalty is even worse than the offender's deeds and if it is not worse for you then it should at least be equally bad, that is all self-evident.

I think that everything has its purpose and meaning behind it. That is why there are mistakes that you learn from them and there are no mistakes, that you die for it because that is exactly the point of mistakes, that you learn from them and you don't do that by dying.

Paradox (because):

He who carries out the death penalty is then also a murderer and to say that it is his job is wrong. Because he decides for himself whether something is his job. People who work as something are just cold-blooded people who see the death penalty as "right".

Because humanity is lacking, this society continues to develop backwards ... Blind feelings of revenge and unscrupulous judgments. They act out of emotion, not out of their brains, and if they do, then they're not very smart.

So why is there the death penalty in some countries?

I find religious people who support this even more blatant. They should be aware ... They should be aware that God will clarify all of this and that they will not go unpunished.

P.S. Keep mistakes to yourselves, type on the phone and want to eat something as soon as possible. Hopefully, good answers await me in the meantime. :)