Are business casual ankle boots

With winter boots in the office or for an appointment?

The winter is back. Should you leave winter boots on or should you switch to smart shoes?

Perhaps you too have asked yourself this question at times.

I have definitely done a number of times.

At a business meeting I had the problem of an unexpected snow storm with 20 cm of fresh snow. Unfortunately there was no parking garage nearby. For me that meant: “I don't have a chance to get through the snow with pumps.” I always have warm, yet reasonably elegant winter boots in my car. I almost always wear low shoes, no matter what the weather. I put my shoes in a nice shoe bag that I could easily stow in the business bag. The receptionist led me to the cloakroom and there I changed my shoes. Now I was well dressed for my appointment. I would not have felt comfortable with a suit and winter boots.

Of course there are industries with a loose dress code. A warehouse worker will not show off his outdoor products in thin leather boots. There he is well dressed with warm boots (no moon boots) and a sporty look and does not necessarily have to take off the boots. But wherever there is a strict business dress code, appropriate shoes are used or shoes are changed.

With boots in the office?

Women like to wear their leather boots with long shafts with skirts. As you can see, in many companies this is possible with a casual dress style. Unfortunately, this is not possible where there is a strict business look. Company bosses keep asking me to address this topic in the seminar. Does that also apply to elegant boots and trousers? No, if you wear the "matching" noble ankle boot with elegant business trousers, then you are also perfectly dressed. The pants just shouldn't be too short.

Does the man feel easier?

Yes, if he chooses the right boot, otherwise not. An ankle-high smooth ankle boot to tie or an elegant Chelsea boot with a solid rubber sole and a warm insole are perfect. The shoe manufacturer Ludwig Reiter has the Norwegian shoe made of Russian leather with a mountain profile sole. An alternative to the boat, with cleared sidewalks.

Definitely not a sporty casual boot that he wears with jeans. The more casual the dress style, the sportier the boot can be.

Also important: What about hats, gloves and the coat?

Hoods and hats are unsuitable for business outfits. Hats are probably unpopular with women because of the hairstyle. Alternative: a wide scarf that is loosely placed around the head. Many men love hats in winter. It should definitely match the style of clothing.

Elegant dark, lightly lined leather gloves belong in every wardrobe. Fine woolen gloves to match the colors of the business clothes are also possible. Mittens, ski or motorcycle gloves are a no go.

Scarves are made of fine material and match the coat. Fine turtlenecks are only worn with the dress code "business casual" (sporty jacket / blazer combination). But not if the dress code is: “Suit without tie”!

A warm, elegant fabric coat is always right. No down coat goes well with an elegant business outfit. Everything that is worn over a suit, suit or trouser suit must be longer than the jacket or blazer. Quilted jackets and coats are fine if the dress code is casual. What some don't know: "You don't go to an appointment with an anorak". Unless you are an employee in a sports shop. Not to be forgotten are matching umbrellas without advertising imprint.

Make the right boot feel-good choice for you and stay chic!

Sincerely, Elisabeth Motsch

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