Which computer languages ​​are you learning at the moment?

Simple programming languages ​​for beginners

What is the easiest programming language for beginners? Which programming language should you use to learn programming? In the following article you will find specific recommendations and helpful tips on the most important selection criteria.

Learning to program is a difficult and long journey. If you go hundreds of kilometers in the wrong direction, you will most likely break off the difficult journey and just sit on your couch. For this reason, you should calmly consider which programming language you want to start with.

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The selection criteria

Which programming language is best to get started with depends on many different factors. You will never get an unequivocal answer.

Are you looking for a programming language that you can learn particularly easily? Are you looking for a programming language for a very specific area of ​​application? Should the programming language open up the best opportunities for you in your job? Or maybe you prefer the maximum possible salary? Should it just be the most popular programming language?

Depending on how your answer turns out, a different programming language should always be best. In addition, there are several sources for each area of ​​application and you will not always get the same result. Nevertheless, we want to give you a few recommendations for the most important areas. A good place to go is, for example, the developer survey at Stack Overflow.

According to this survey, the most widely used is programming language JavaScript with 67.5 percent. Third place was SQL with 54.2 percent of the vote. Does this help you now? Actually only to a limited extent, because SQL is used almost everywhere in the world for databases and is not at all suitable for a general introduction to programming languages. JavaScript, on the other hand, would be a much more suitable programming language.

The best prospects for the job and the salary?

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey distinguishes between desktop and web developers, data engineers and administrators. The most common answer is almost everywhere JavaScript. The only exception are the desktop programmers, because here the programming language only takes second place.

Both Salaries the programming language is only in 19th place worldwide. The annual salary is around $ 53,000, which is a whopping $ 23,000 less than the front runner Perl. JavaScript made it to 6th place in Germany (source).

What do developers want?

The most popular programming language among all survey participants is Rust. However, this only applies to programmers who (have to) already work with Rust. The programming languages ​​are among the “Most Wanted” python and JavaScript in the first two places. Around 41 percent of all respondents admit that they no longer want to program with JavaScript in the future. The Python programming language appears much later in these statistics.

Would you like to work in a specific area?

Then it will be difficult for you. The programming language PHP is passionately hated by many programmers because, from a purely technical point of view, it is not a good programming language. On the other hand, most web pages are made up of PHP code. As a web developer, you will hardly get around this programming language.

Would you like to create perfectly running programs if possible and get really deep into the field of computer science? Then the classic programming languages ​​like C, the much more practical C ++ and of course Java are much better suited. All 3 programming languages ​​are extremely powerful, are used by many companies in the commercial sector and allow you to do basic work. Java is a good introduction to the world of programming languages, C actually not at all and C ++ at most for programmers who are really serious!

Are you looking for a programming language that is easy to learn?

Two well-known programming languages ​​are clear winners here, if you look, for example, at which programming courses are predominantly offered at American universities: Here the programming languages ​​Python and Java are far ahead. This is followed by the programming language Matlab (best suited for mathematical matters), C and C ++. The latter two are increasingly being replaced by the Java programming language.

Java, Python and JavaScript appear in almost all areas. While JavaScript is primarily aimed at web developers, Python and Java are suitable for almost any purpose. This allows the choice for beginners to be narrowed down significantly. Nevertheless, there are many other programming languages: If you are interested in web development, for example, you should first start with the important basics of CSS and HTML. To complete our overview, we will briefly introduce you to all the important programming languages:

The main programming languages


Belongs to the fastest and fastest growing programming languages ​​of our time. JavaScript has become indispensable in many different areas, especially the Internet, and has a high level of innovation. Almost every week new dialects and frameworks are added and the programming scene is full of movement. Thanks to the seamless browser integration, beginners can achieve visible results extremely quickly and save themselves a cumbersome set-up. However, browser integration is just the beginning of the programming language.

In the meantime, JavaScript is also finding its way into serverless environments and backend systems and is growing particularly quickly in these areas. The lack of typing is often criticized, but the programming language is extremely flexible and fast. There are now several integrations, tools and apps that rely on JavaScript.


At least at first glance, it is an extremely understandable programming language and therefore the right choice if you want to work in the web backend or in the data area. Python is a simple programming language. Despite the lack of meticulous precision in the syntax, the programming language convinces with great application possibilities. Even years after it was first introduced, Python is still widely used.


You can easily learn both markup languages ​​and benefit from quick results. HTML and CSS are indispensable for programmers who develop front ends (front pages) of Internet pages. Both markup languages ​​are therefore the absolute standard for web developers.


The programming language provides you with a solid foundation and with this you can learn other programming languages ​​more easily and quickly. With C you will learn to program properly and you will immediately see how your program interacts with your hardware. The programming language requires a lot of discipline from you, but it also trains you excellently for the future. C and the object-oriented version C ++ are widespread in the IoT (Internet of Things). In addition, the programming languages ​​play an important role in game development, in 3D programming as well as in the areas of robotics and machine controls.


The programming language is also widely used and can be used for many different purposes. Java offers you an excellent basis for your technological training at work. If you want to program mobile applications for Android devices in the future or create large service-oriented applications in the enterprise sector, you should definitely start with Java.


Many startups program their websites with Ruby. The programming language was practically invisible for a long time and only gained international fame with the publication of the Ruby framework. Just like with Java, everything here is an object and this is a certain challenge for many people. Above all, the inventor of the programming language wanted developers to enjoy programming with the language.


If you want to concentrate exclusively on web development, PHP is particularly suitable for getting started. The programming language is still used on most of the popular websites and also has a large community. PHP offers you a large number of different frameworks with which you can create either industry-specific or general applications. Unfortunately, the PHP API is not as clean, consistent and well thought-out as in other programming languages ​​(including Java). In addition, the longer term future of the programming language is not certain. It seems that PHP is currently being overtaken by many other technologies and may not play a major role in the future.

My conclusion: Phyton is the easiest programming language for beginners

The programming language has established itself over the last few years as a real "egg-laying woolly pig". You will find countless discussions on the internet about whether Python is just a scripting language or a proper programming language. However, you can make it a lot easier for yourself: The phyton inventor "Guido von Rossum" describes Python as one universal general purpose programming language and this statement is really well chosen. You can use the programming language to write smaller scripts for everyday administrators and you can just as easily program monolithic desktop applications for customers.

Regardless of this, the code is always easy to read and this helps you a lot when getting started. In addition, you benefit from countless free learning materials, fully-fledged online tutorials, training programs for your desktop and programming aids directly in your browser. Even after the initial learning phase, if you want to get productive, the world of programming language supports itself with many useful and free libraries. Such “libraries” contain, among other things, standard functions that not every developer has to reinvent for every type of project. For example, you can use NumPy to recreate countless Matlab functions - NumPy is even available free of charge.

Python convinces with the best overall package: The programming language is loved by developers, is open source and is preferred by teachers because Python is absolutely universally applicable. In addition, the tools for programming and learning are abundant and you can try your hand at hundreds of thousands of open source projects with the first smaller hacks - but Phyton remains easy to read. For these reasons, the programming language is also our recommendation for all beginners.

JavaScript is recommended for web developers

There are countless web developers who are not particularly interested in the entire cosmos of programming and who primarily value business and design. If you want to program interactive, stylish and modern websites, or perhaps you want to start your own startup as a student, the programming language JavaScript is a good alternative. Your career prospects are also good because a JavaScript programmer can start in almost any web service provider in the world. Thanks to the huge community, basically the same applies to JavaScript as to Python.

One last helpful tip

If you have a relative or a buddy who programs himself and whom you can pester with questions, it is best to use their preferred language. In spite of the innumerable documentation on the Internet: You will certainly ask yourself a lot of questions at the beginning that the Internet does not always answer completely. If it concerns important questions about syntax, you will have to search the Internet for hours, although a reasonably experienced programmer can answer the questions in a few minutes.