What is a voice over service


What exactly is voiceover?

Voiceover is basically narration or dialogue done by an offscreen narrator / speaker. This technique is used in radio, television, film, theater, documentaries, news, etc. Voiceover soundtracks are typically pre-recorded and later appended to the video file.

Voiceover translations and transcriptions

As a leading language service provider, we offer our customers translations of the highest quality, i.e. we also offer the translation and adaptation of scripts into and from more than 200 languages ​​and process all of your voiceover translations under one roof.

Why are we the best?

# 1 professionalism

Our professional production team provides voice-over services to customers around the world in a variety of areas such as entertainment (films / documentaries, TV programs, webcasts and animations), e-learning & training, corporate, advertising, gaming and many more.

# 2 Latest and greatest technology

By using the latest and greatest in technology (noise-canceling microphones, headphones, recording devices, etc.), we ensure that the best possible voiceover recording is made.

# 3 confidentiality

We are certified by ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 17100: 2015 and understand that our customers' data must be treated sensitively and confidentially. Therefore, we strive to use the latest technologies to ensure the confidentiality, security and security of data.

# 4 satisfaction guarantee

We promise you will be satisfied with our voiceover services. You receive after-sales services, quality controls and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Our most common voiceover categories

  • Business : Radio, TV, commercials, commercials for public institutions, jingles, promos, internet advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Narration : Radio, television productions, film productions, theater, audio books, technical-medical descriptions, virtual tours or other presentations.
  • Telephone announcements : Commercial voice recordings, greeting announcements, voicemail systems for companies, speech dialogue systems, mailbox announcements, telephone surveys and much more.
  • Company / Industry : Product infomercials, image films, advertising videos, product demos, trade fair appearances, training programs, etc.
  • education : E-learning modules, instructional videos, tutorials, online courses, video instructions, audio books, etc.
  • entertainment : Films, music, TV series, animated series, cartoons, animated films, video games (mainly for game consoles and PCs).
  • animation : Children's books, videos and video games, talking toys, cartoons, anime, animated series, etc.

Here is the secret of our expertise

We recently joined forces with our sister company DUBnSUB, a full-service production house for audio and voiceover, in order to be able to commission even more exceptionally good speakers for our customers. For more information on DUBnSUB please visit their WEBSITE.