What is an IPTV M3U playlist


As almost everyone has the Internet at home, the use of IPTV technology is increasing, allowing you to conveniently watch TV channels over an Internet connection. Typically, in order to watch TV channels over the Internet, you need to purchase a special IPTV set-top box that is connected to a computer. Of course, you can forego it by watching the channels on a computer or laptop. In this case, however, you need to create a special playlist for the channels. This task confuses a significant number of users.

This article describes how to create an M3U playlist for IPTV. Let's find out. Let's go!

The whole process consists of a series of simple steps that any user of any level can easily follow. First you need to create a text file. Just right click on the desktop and select "Create" then "Text Document".

Then you need to convert TXT format to M3U. To do this, open the control panel. In the menu that appears, find and select Folder Options. If you switch to the "View" tab, remove the bird from the "Hide extensions for registered file types" entry and click "Apply". After this process, you will find that ".txt" has been added to the title of the text document you have created. Now write any name for the file and change ".txt" to ".m3u". In the warning window that appears, click Yes.

This action is required to convert txt to m3u

After the file has been created, it must be filled, but opened first. Right click on it and click "Open With". Select Editor from the drop-down list. After the empty field appears, you can fill the future playlist. The data required to fill in is TV channel information, which takes the form:






You can just copy all the necessary information from the channel list.

The next step is to turn the created M3U file into a playlist for IPTV. To do this, open the "File" menu in the editor window and select "Save as ...". Then enter (without quotation marks) "IPTV playlist.m3u" in the "File name" field. In the Encoding section below, specify UTF-8. Now the playlist is ready and you can use it.

If you are unable to navigate a large number of channels, you can group them together. To do this, you need to open the m3u.file file with the editor and add certain lines to the existing code. Namely:

Group title = "nazvanie gruppy:"

Add this element as shown in the image below.


#EXTINF: 0, group-title = "Avtomobil`nye kanaly:",! TB


#EXTINF: 0, group-title = "Detskie kanaly:" 1 CLASSIC


You can also use special IPTV players that have the function of creating playlists instead of doing everything manually. One of these players is Simple TV.

After installing the program, set the required parameters, go to the "Playlist" section and select "Channel search" from the pop-up list. Next, set the range of addresses within which the scan should be performed. When scanning, delete the existing standard playlist.

When the search is complete, a list of TV channels opens. Place the birds next to the channels you want to add and click Save. The list of selected TV channels is shown in the file that was deleted in the previous step. If you'd like to create another file, click Upload Channel List, enter a name, specify where to save the file, and click Upload.

This is the easy way to make an m3u playlist for IPTV. As you can see, this is not complicated. The whole process doesn't take long. As a result, viewing becomes much more comfortable.

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