Which big companies have gay CEOs?

20 well-known companies promote the LGBTIQ + community

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, queer. Or in other words: enriching." With this message, 20 well-known Swiss companies - including UBS, Credit Suisse, Migros, Sunrise, Swisscom and Roche - are now promoting diversity in the workplace. Among other things, on over 500 digital APG poster sites, on the social media channels of the companies involved and with a full-page advertisement in the NZZ next Saturday.

Pride stopped, action started

The 2020 Zurich Pride parade should have taken place on Saturday. The demonstration parade of the LGBTIQ + movement was canceled due to Corona. Instead, 20 well-known Swiss companies are now demonstrating their solidarity with the LGBTIQ + movement and publicly calling for more diversity in the workplace.

20 companies for LGBTIQ + diversity in the workplace

The campaign was initiated by BCG Switzerland and created by Publicis. Daniel Kessler CEO of BCG Switzerland: "We are incredibly proud that we have been able to win so many companies in a short time to send a clear message of acceptance and tolerance towards the LGBTIQ + community and to set an example that LGBTIQ + people are an asset to companies and society. "


At BCG: Benedikt Hess (idea initiative), Samuel Rensing (partner acquisition), Matthias Haymoz (coordination), Daniel Kessler (CEO); At Publicis: Peter Brönnimann, Pablo Schencke, Jonas Koutrios (creation), Marco Klein (animation), Urs Hirschi, Anna Magnaguagno (consulting), Thomas Wildberger (CEO). Realization Motion Design, Pre Press, Litho: Prodigious Zurich.

© Douglas

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With this message from its employees, Douglas is campaigning for the LGBT community

Due to Corona, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals cannot celebrate their Pride events this June like in other years. Douglas is now helping out with its own campaign on the topic and making the appearance an appeal to be proud of your own inner beauty.

© Starbucks

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How Starbucks helps a transgender boy with identity

Anyone who has ever ordered a hot drink from Starbucks knows this: when ordering, the first name is noted, written on the coffee mug and the customer is finally called out when the drink is ready. Together with the creative agency Iris, the coffee chain is now telling a touching story about a transgender boy on the basis of this convention.

© Publicis Emil

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Publicis Emil

Mercedes-Benz showroom opening best advertised by far

The automobile manufacturers' showrooms are allowed to reopen with immediate effect. The generally applicable safety measures apply at all Mercedes dealers. One of them, the distance rule, was dramatized by Publicis Emil in close cooperation with the marketer audienzz in an idea.

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Publicis for Migros

The particularly appreciated neighborhood help

In these times, Migros simply made solidarity possible. With the Amigos shopping service, volunteers can shop for people from risk groups. The current Publicis campaign shows how much this neighborhood help is valued.