Jessica Simpson gained weight

Weight gain Jessica Simpson: Gaining weight quickly

Jessica Simpson was pregnant before and in retrospect was annoyed about the enormous weight gain of 35 kilograms. “I let myself go,” the pop singer confessed to “People” magazine at the time. However, she doesn't seem to have really learned from her baby fat problems after her first pregnancy. "Star Magazine" reports 16 kilograms that Jessica Simpson has already gained. And that at a time when the pregnancy is only halfway over. If she continues like this, she should easily end up gaining 35 pounds or more.

What weight gain is normal?

Finding the right balance between gaining too little and too much weight during pregnancy is not easy. While some women commit nutritional sins without remorse during this time, others even consider dieting. Both are wrong, however, explain the experts at the “” portal. You don't have to eat for two, but dieting is absolutely forbidden. In general, it can be observed that thin women gain more weight during pregnancy than fat women. But the size of the woman also plays a role in weight gain. Doctors believe that it is healthy to gain between eight and sixty pounds, although the weight gain in fat women shouldn't exceed twelve pounds. Because being very overweight increases the risk of developing high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. In addition, weight gain is not common until the third month, after which around 300 grams of weight are added per week. In the first two months, women may even lose weight from excitement or morning sickness.

Is Jessica Simpson Gaining Too Much?

A weight gain of 16 kilograms is already more than doctors recommend for the time immediately before the birth. Since Jessica Simpson is only halfway through her pregnancy, this significant weight gain is very worrying. A friend of the actress and singer is also worried: “It makes her very sick. She's really trying to be more careful about her diet than she did when she was first pregnant. But she finds it so difficult not to give in to her cravings and she often eats way too much, ”he reveals to“ Star Magazine ”. Now Jessica Simpson should take better care of herself. Otherwise, losing weight will be all the more difficult afterwards.