How did Saint Abigail become a saint?

Abigail - Courageous and farsighted

With beauty, courage and understanding

She is not only one of the most fascinating women in the Bible, but also stands for courage, wisdom and love of God with her deeds. Abigail, whose story is told in the Old Testament, is the woman without whom David would not have managed to become the first and most important king over Judah and Israel. Of the numerous women mentioned in the Bible, Abigail is undoubtedly one of those who are not only characterized by extraordinary strength, but also have an essential role in the course of history in the Bible.

An unhappy marriage

The story of David and Abigail begins in the Old Testament with the news of Samuel's death. With his passing, David has to get by without his important advisor and prophet, who had stood by him until then. Even before she meets David on his flight from King Saul and subsequently marries, Abigail is already married to another man who is characterized in the Bible as the exact opposite of her. Abigail is described as a beautiful and astute woman. Her husband, Nabal, is a wealthy man who enjoys a high social standing due to his wealth. Unfortunately, however, he is also hard and bad in his actions, just a "Nabal", which translated means something like fool.

With diplomatic skills

David, who offers Nabal's people protection during the grazing season, has his followers ask for a portion of the feast after the sheep is sheared. Unreasonable and indignant, Nabal refuses and sends David's people back without realizing what conflict he is causing. David swears bloody vengeance on Nabal's whole house and sets off with 400 men on his way to him.
In contrast to Nabal, Abigail recognizes the predicament and acts quickly and prudently. When she learns from a servant what her husband has done, she immediately sets off with generous gifts without telling her husband and rides to meet David. With a convincing speech in which she apologizes for her useless husband, she succeeds in preventing David from killing Nabal and can thereby avert greater harm.

A prophetess who acts by faith

In contrast to Nabal, Abigail already recognizes that David is God's willed King of Israel and foresees his glory. More importantly, she takes on the role of prophet that has been missing since Samuel's death and proclaims God's promise to David.
In order for David's destiny to be fulfilled, however, it is imperative to prevent him from incurring blood guilt. Abigail's wise words bring David to his senses and prevent worse. Eventually David abandons his plan of revenge and leaves Nabal alive.

The new woman at David's side

Smart as she is, Abigail waits until her husband has slept off his intoxication after a party before informing him about what happened to David. Nabal's heart then stops and he dies shortly afterwards as if the punishment of God had overtaken him in this way. When David learns that the beautiful and clever Abigail is widowed, he immediately lets courtship and solicitation for her hand. Abigail agrees and becomes the wife of the future king of Israel and Judah.

Abigail's story shows what a special woman she was: her faith and fear of God make it possible to see what is to become of David. Her courage enables her to defy the will of her wicked husband and to face David and his followers. Ultimately, however, it is her acumen and diplomatic skills that prevent David from making a fatal mistake. David immediately recognizes the value of this special woman and makes her not only his wife, but also an important advisor who should help him in his ascent to king.

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