What is the anime Soul Eater about

dear anime friends. Today I would like to introduce you to the anime Soul Eater, an anime that contains both wit and action.
It starts with Maka and Soul Eater. Maka is a weapon master and Soul Eater is her weapon. Soul Eater is a scythe, but like any other weapon, it can take the form of a human. The aim of an armorer is to obtain 99 evil souls and 1 witch's soul. The weapon then eats these souls. If you can do this, the weapon becomes the Death Scythe, the ultimate weapon of the Shinigami (god of death).
The Shinigami directs the Shibusen, a school where gun masters and their weapons learn everything they need to know about combat.
There are other characters besides Maka and Soul Eater. I will also briefly introduce these, as I don't want to spoil too much.
PS: After a while, the anime will differ from the manga. the manga goes further than the anime, by the way. I'm not very far with the manga itself either, so I can't say exactly when the differences will start.

The next main character is Black Star, an assassin and his weapon Tsubaki. Tsubaki can transform into various assassin weapons, e.g. a throwing star, a smoke bomb or a dagger. Black Star always wants to be the center of attention. That's a rather bad trait for an assassin. ^^

The 3rd main character is Death the Kid and his 2 weapons, the Thompson sisters.
Death the Kid is the Shinigami's son, which means he is stronger than others. But he has one great weakness. If something is not symmetrical, he will faint. But if something is perfectly symmetrical, he admires it and even completely forgets the fight. That's why he has 2 weapons.
The Thompson sisters consist of Patty and Liz. While Patty, the younger sister, is carefree, Liz, the older sister, is more serious.

Have fun with the anime and if you see mistakes in the performance, get in touch.
LG Benny

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