What will my future be

"Sir, I want to know what is the meaning of all this, why I go to school, what role it will play when I grow up; what is my job in this world, why do I have to study, why should I get married, and what will my future be? Of course I realize that I have to study and take some exams and I hope I pass them too. Probably I will live a number of years, maybe fifty, sixty or more, and in all of those In the years to come, what will my life be like and that of those who are close to me? What should I become and what is the point of the many hours spent reading and teaching? There could be a devastating war, we could all be killed If death is all that awaits us, what is the point of the whole upbringing? Please, I ask this in all seriousness, because I have heard the other teachers and you yourself talk about these things ".

"I want us to look at one question at a time. You have asked a lot of questions, raised various problems. So let's address what is perhaps the most important question first: What is the future of humanity and what is your own? Like you know, your parents are quite wealthy and of course they want to help you in any way they can. If you get married they might buy you a house with all the furnishings; you might find a nice wife - maybe. So what will you be? An ordinary, mediocre person? Get a job, find yourself with all the problems around you and within yourself - is that your future? Of course, a war could come, but maybe not. Let's hope it doesn't. Let's hope people realize that wars of any kind can never solve human problems, humanity could improve, better planes, and so on find, but wars have never solved human problems, and they never will. Let's forget first of all that we could all be destroyed by the madness of the superpowers, by the madness of terrorists or some demagogue in any country who wants to destroy its supposed enemies. Let's forget all of that for the moment. Let's consider what your future will be, bearing in mind that you are part of the rest of the world. What will your future be? As I asked earlier, are you going to be a mediocre person? Mediocrity means walking half the way up the mountain, half the way in everything, never going to the top of the mountain or using all your energy, all your abilities, never asking the utmost of yourself.
Of course, you must also realize that all possible external pressure is being exerted on you, pressure to do this or that. Hopefully you realize that there is pressure on you - from your parents, your society, religion, tradition, even from yourself, from your ambition - a scientist, a doctor, a philosopher, a physicist, a researcher any area or being a businessman. If you recognize that, and you have to at your age, which path will you take? We talked about these things for several semesters, and I suppose you probably thought about them. And now that we have time on this walk around the hill, I ask you, not as a teacher but out of affection, as an honest friend, what does your future look like? Even if you have already decided to take certain exams and choose a certain career, a good job, then you still have to ask yourself, is that all? Even if you have a good job, even a reasonably comfortable life, you will have many worries and problems. If you have a family, what will your children's future look like? This is a question that you have to answer for yourself, and maybe we can talk about it. You have to think about the future of your children, not just your own, and the future of humanity and forget that you are a German, French, English or Indian. We can talk about it, but please understand that I am not telling you what to do. Only fools give advice, so I don't put myself in that category. I only ask as a friend, I hope you understand; I don't want to push, direct or persuade you. What will your future be Will you mature quickly or slowly, with grace and sensitivity? Will you be mediocre even if you are top notch in your job? You may be excellent, very good at everything you do, but what I mean is the mediocrity of the mind, the heart, the mediocrity of your whole being. "

"Sir, I really don't know how to answer these questions. I haven't thought much about it. But if you ask me if I want to be like everyone else, mediocre, I definitely don't want to. But I can feel them too The attraction of the world. And I realize that part of me wants it all. I want to have fun and be happy, but the other side of me sees the danger, the difficulties, the desires, the temptations so really don't know what will become of me in the end. And besides, as you have pointed out to me on several occasions, I don't know who I am myself. One thing is certain, I definitely don't want to be a mediocre person with a small mind and heart , albeit perhaps with an exceptionally intelligent mind. I can study books and accumulate a lot of knowledge, but still could be a very limited, close person. Mediocrity, sir, is a very good W place that you needed for it, and when I think about it, I get scared - not of the word, but of all that you have made clear to me about its meaning. I really don't know, and maybe I'll clear it up when I talk to you about it. I can't easily talk to my parents about this. They probably had the same problems as me; they may be more physically mature, but maybe they are in the same position as me. May I therefore ask you, on another occasion, when you are ready, to speak to you about it? I'm really quite scared, nervous, and concerned about whether I'll be able to face all of this and face it and get through it without becoming a mediocre person. "