Are you crushing your first crush

Does my boyfriend like me 15 signs he's crushing you

If you suddenly feel that your boyfriend is paying you a little too much attention, then you may need help making a decision, my boyfriend makes me like a crush.

There isn't much worse than waking up one day asking myself "Did my boyfriend get me?" Someone who you thought was just a good friend might even like you. It's embarrassing, uncomfortable and, frankly, a huge annoyance for him AND you.

There's a reason you and your boyfriend are friends. Because you decided that you just aren't that way with each other. However, if one day - after spending too much time with you - he starts being a little too nice and looking at you a little too much, he may have changed his mind.

Why boys make best friends for girls

I think every girl needs a boyfriend in her life. Not only is it great to get into with a guy and understand how they work, but they're protective, helpful, and ridiculously loyal to much more than just girls.

That's why they're just the best friends girls ever have. A fellow friend of mine taught me a lot more about myself a while ago than I would have ever known if I only had girlfriends. You learn a lot from someone who is not so much like you.

How to tell if he's crushing you

When you notice that you have something unusual about your boyfriend and you feel the need to ask yourself "Does my boyfriend like me?" You may be feeling panicked. But do not be afraid!

Fortunately, if you really want to find out the truth, when their feelings for you have changed from friends to something much nicer, there is a way to do it. These are all different ways you tell when your boyfriend likes you and has a crush on you.

# 1 You start him staring at you a lot. Well it's not normal for your friends to stare at you for no reason. Usually when you have a haircut, they stare at you and they can't figure out what's different. Or when you have something that is hanging out of your teeth.

If at random times your friend is staring at you and looking away when you realize it, it is good that he likes you and makes you feel very depressed.

# 2 He's easily ashamed. If you're good friends, you probably won't get very embarrassed about him. Frankly, if you are friends, he shouldn't be ashamed of himself. But if you notice him getting really red or trying to avoid certain sensitive topics, it could be because he likes you.

# 3 He doesn't act like he usually does. This is probably the biggest sign that his feelings have shifted from something Platonic to something more serious. If he stops acting like his normal self around you and takes on a different personality, it may be because he likes you and is trying to show his best behavior.

# 4 He generally texts / calls / talks to you. This is another great sign that your friend likes you. If he texts you a lot more - and answers faster - he's a lot more eager to talk to you.

This also applies if he tells you during school or when you're out with friends and just chatting with you, nothing comes closer. These are all signs that you care about him.

# 5 He initiates most of the hangouts, and they happen more often. If a guy likes you, he'll make an effort to see you as much as he can. If he's trying to spend more time with you, and he never has, then he's probably had a crush on you.

# 6 He's doing you a favor. Most of your friends will likely help you for a while every time, but they will also refuse to help you in the same way. If he has never helped you very much, but now has favors all the time, and even offers you without being asked - he definitely likes you.

# 7 He gets annoyed when you talk about people you like. Normally that wouldn't have bothered him. But if you do find him feeling annoyed or even jealous lately when you tell a guy you need advice about, it's likely because he likes you.

# 8 He asks you if you should impress a girl who. If he told you every girl he ever had a crush on but suddenly asked for advice on how to get a girl special and didn't tell you who it is, then it probably is you.

When he suddenly hides something he used to say very openly, probably because of your and his feelings, which are changing in favor of you.

# 9 He compliments you more than usual. A friend will give you a compliment on everyone every now and then, but overall, they will keep them in check because it might make the friendship weird or give you the wrong idea.

If he's complimenting you left and right, it's because he likes you and wants you to get the hint.

# 10 You noticed that he started flirting with you. Basically, flirting is a sure sign that someone has a crush on you. Now, some platonic friends are joking around and flirting with each other for fun, but if he has never done it before and does it now, then his feelings about you have completely changed.

# 11 He initiates more physical contact. Most of the time, people who are just friends don't really touch much other than maybe a hug if they haven't seen each other in a long time. If you notice him getting closer in your hangouts, hugging you more than usual, or even putting a playful arm around you, he definitely likes you more than a friend.

# 12 He asks you deep questions about yourself. I'm sure the two of you have had good conversations before when the two of you are good friends, but when he starts delving into more personal details and life goals and dreams, his feelings are more than just kind.

When someone wants to know such personal details about you because they want to find out if the two of you make a good couple and if a relationship would ever work out.

# 13 He notices the little things. If you get your hair cut, buy a new shampoo, or just paint your nails, and he actually noticed these things and never got used to them, then he likes you. Generally, when he pays more attention to little things in your life, he pays more attention to you and that means his feelings have developed.

# 14 He gets dressed and grooms himself. I'm sure you saw him sweating and not showering in a few days. If you start to notice that when you go around he's freshly shaved, really well dressed, and even smells amazing, then he's doing it for you because he has a total crush.

# 15 He asks you out on a date. This huge, big sign that you can't miss. If he freaks out, asks you to go out with him, and even says the word "date," then he obviously likes you more than a friend. It shows he's ready to question friendship in order to date you.

Sometimes your friends may like you and don't want you to know while others make it more obvious. Anyway, these 15 signs will tell you if your boyfriend likes you in no time.