What is a bug in smartphones

Android with massive bug - it's that easy to solve

With Android 11 there are apparently some problems on numerous smartphones. At the beginning of March, we reported that the Google operating system caused massive errors - including freezing the screen, poorer performance than under Android 10 and a shorter battery life. Not only models from Samsung, Sony and Co. are affected, but also the in-house Pixel models.

Android 11 with lots of bugs - that's the situation

And the error messages have not stopped so far. As reported by Android Police magazine, it now affects basic apps like Google Chrome and Gmail, as well as a few more. Many Android users are currently complaining of many app crashes - or that the applications cannot be opened in the first place. This affects Google's own apps such as Gmail or Chrome, but also those from third-party providers, including Twitter, GMX and Ebay. Unlike the error messages from early March, this time, according to Android Police, the bug primarily affects Samsung smartphones.

The reason for the crashes is simple: Google recently updated both Gmail and Android System WebView. The latter is simply the application that allows Android apps to display web content. If users had played the update on their smartphone, the errors occurred in rows.

Hello Martha! Welcome to our support channel, I'll be happy to assist! Please go to settings> Apps> Show system apps> Android System Webview, click on this app and then, uninstall updates. ^ Alex

- Samsung Support US (@SamsungSupport) March 23, 2021

Gmail, Chrome and Co .: This is how you fix the errors

The connection with the Android WebView system was noticed by the fact that users reset the app to the previous version. Then the problem no longer appeared. Google has now also responded to the error messages and announced that they were aware of the problems with Android System WebView. Another update is now available that is supposed to fix the bug. We recommend installing this, as this is the only way to ensure the security of the app.

You can find the corresponding update in the Google Play Store and install it manually. However, if you've turned on automatic app updates anyway, the update will work on its own. The latest version of Android System WebView is number 89.0.4389.105.

Restart your smartphone: does that help?