Why do pop stars dress so strangely

Harry Styles: That's why the pop star likes to wear women's clothes

Pop star Harry Styles denies that he wants to make his image more interesting with "allusions to sexual ambiguity".

Harry Styles makes headlines again and again with his extravagant clothing style, his outfit at this year's Met Gala - a lace costume - caused a lot of sensation. In an interview with the Guardian, the former One Direction star assured that his choice of clothes had nothing to do with his sexuality.

Harry Styles feels comfortable in his own skin

When asked about the rumors about his alleged bisexuality, Harry explained that for him fashion was not related to "what women and men wear". "When I see a nice t-shirt and I'm told, 'But this is for ladies', I think, 'Okaaay? That's why I don't want to wear it any less,'" he explained. "When you feel comfortable in your own skin, everything becomes a lot easier."

We live in a liberating time

According to Harry, the world is currently experiencing "a very free and liberating time" and he hopes it will lead people to accept themselves - for who they really are. "I think people ask, 'Why not?' A lot more often. I find that exciting. It's not just the clothes where the lines blur. That goes for a lot of other things too. I think you can also relate it to music and how the genres mix together ... "

On Friday (December 13th) Harry Styles presented his new album 'Fine Line' at a sold out concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, where his close friend, Fleetwood Mac front woman Stevie Nicks (71), appeared as a surprise guest. 'Fine Line' is now available in stores.

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