How do you get your creative spark

Be creative - do you want to unleash your creative power?

Live more creativity in everyday life.

Have a hobby where you can express and develop your creativity.

Be creative and implement a really cool project. Create something that people will marvel at.

If you don't see yourself as a creative person and the spark of inspiration is only weakly glowing, no colorful idea will explode out of nowhere. But that doesn't mean that you have to live your life as an uncreative, gray being. Because the spark slumbers in everyone and you just have to tickle them a little to get more creative.

In this post you will learn:

  • What an idea dump is
  • How you get your inspiration from outside
  • Why a tidy life is important
  • Whether you are more creative alone or with friends
  • That time is important to your creative life

Be creative and bookbinding?

Is that possible? Be creative and bind books at the same time?

This question is not that easy to answer and below you will find differentiated tips and tricks on how you can implement both for yourself. Incidentally, you can replace bookbinding with drawing, photo and videography, creative writing and anything else you can think of as a creative hobby. Because the basis remains the same:

In order to let your creativity run free and to implement the projects that are in your head, you need a certain amount of technology and experience. The snake bites its tail when you think you're not creative because you don't have the skills to do really cool shit. Because if your expectations are too high and you stay far below them, you are frustrated. Your tolerance for frustration is exceeded and then you give up.

But there would be no creative people, or at least no one who enjoys living out their creativity, if there was no solution.

That's why I share with you my approaches that make you a creative or more creative person. Regardless of which creative hobby you want to pursue, these work equally well if you adapt them for you and your everyday life. In this post we prepare a path for your creativity where it can flow and gather ideas before you start implementing them.

In two weeks you will learn how to discover your creative Mount Everest and which mini-exercises you can use to become more creative in your everyday life.

Free yourself for your creative thoughts

The following list can be found in many articles about creativity on the Internet. I have included the aspects that I use myself or that friends have already reported to me about successfully testing them.

Write a list of ideas

The list of ideas is like your creative braindump. On it you write down all the ideas that come to you. Everything you would want to implement or just inspiration, if you've seen something cool and want to do it yourself.
You can keep this list continuously, for example as a collection in your bullett journal or at regular intervals write everything off your mind that has stuck in your head in the last few weeks. True to the motto: If I forgot it wasn't so important and if it does, it will come back to me at some point.

The idea list is not about working through all of the items on this list; it is not a to-do list. But only the storage space for all ideas, whether nonsense or a specific project. Just so you don't sit there thinking that you can't start a new project because you wanted to do the other one first. Last year...

Dare to cross things out of this dump and thus out of your head as well. This is incredibly liberating.

I prefer to use the latter method, which has to do with my organizational structure. But there will be more about that in the next few weeks.

Get inspiration from outside

Pinterest! The inspiration platform bad shows you pictures of what you should achieve in order to lead a beautiful, rich life. With great risk of sinking.

If you're using Pinterest, don't necessarily search straight out for instructions on how to achieve what you want to create. Many instructions are too rough, too difficult or do not fit your dream project. More on this later in the text.
To get inspiration, look for colors, motifs, and large over-topics. The question your Pins should answer is: What do I want to do? What do i like Pin everything you think is beautiful on a pin board for your project. The question of how will you clarify later.

Alternatively, you can use your feet and go out and explore the world. Record everything that you find remarkable with the mobile phone camera or set yourself a certain task, a color, a motif, a shape, after which you open your eyes.

to clean up

When you clean up, you make room for new thoughts. This means correct tidying up. Don't just master the chaos by shoving everything on the floor under the bed. It's the kind of tidying up where you end up taking full sacks to the dump or to the clothes collection, where you create free space and drawers and, hell and Marie Kondo, only keep the stuff that puts a smile on your face. Perhaps there will be a place on the train where you can pursue your creative activities in peace and get away with all the clutter.

You can do this kind of tidying up not only spatially, but also temporally. You will find out how to do this next week. And if you don't want to miss that, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

Be alone or chat with friends

What at first sounds like a contradiction is very simple: Either you draw your strength and inspiration from yourself when you are alone and can listen to yourself thinking. Then consciously take your time alone, make yourself comfortable and have pieces of paper and pen ready to write down all your ideas, scraps of thought and reveries. Regularly take time to indulge your creative ideas and get an idea of ​​what you want to do. Remember: just having creative thoughts lets you be creative.

When you get your strength from being together and talking to other people, talk to people you trust about your creative ideas. Here, too, pen and paper are helpful and don't forget to note in the heat of the moment what the thought explosion has brought about in your head. Ideally, you're not the secretary. Ask the one of your friends who is the best listener to write down. This person often gets the finest nuances of your ideas. Even if you haven't got a lot of creative ideas in mind, just say them out loud and listen to the feedback.
If you think that you will not get any encouragement from your friends and confidants and you do not dare to utter yourself, find a group of people who have more understanding for your secret thoughts. In the case of bookbinding, you've come to the right place, write me an email or share your ideas in the comments. For all other topics there are groups at your location or on Facebook or Instagram.

Take time for your creativity

For all of the above, you need one thing: time

It is best to have a regular appointment, daily or weekly, that you reserve firmly for the development of your creativity. Once you've gotten into practice, you won't need any more time to stimulate your creativity. Then you can use your appointment to implement your numerous ideas.

Finally, you also need time, because it takes a little patience for your head to explode full of ideas.

Until then, you can use the time and devote yourself to another area of ​​creativity: the tools of the trade. You will find out next week about this and how you can train your creativity with small exercises.

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