How do the Navy SEALs work

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This is how the Navy Seals train

You are one of the toughest guys on this planet. Fear nothing or anyone when they seem to grow beyond the human on their risky missions - the Navy Seals. But what is the secret of your physical and mental training? We give you an insight into the training program of the US special forces.

The Big Four

The hardcore training "SEALfit" is the fitness program of the Navy Seals, the toughest elite group in the world. But it's much more than just a fitness program. The special units are deployed at sea, in the air and on the ground. The training of the Navy Seals is intended to increase both physical and mental performance.

Mark Divine served the Navy Seals for nine years and was a reservist for eleven years. In 2011 he ended his military career as Commander of the US Army. Based on this experience, he developed the training program "SEALfit" and wrote several books. Among other things, he teaches "The Big 4" - four basic skills: visualization, correct breathing, a positive inner attitude and realistic goals.

"Not only have these qualities helped me tremendously through my training, they have been very valuable in my entire career and life." Mark Divine, former member of the U.S. Navy Seals

For the former Navy Seal, visualization means imagining situations and things over and over again in the mind's eye. Proper breathing makes it possible to control anxiety and stress. Having a positive attitude makes you a good leader that people trust. Realistic goals mean focusing on each and every day.

The "SEALfit" training

The "SEALfit" training program focuses equally on physical training and mental training, which makes it different from other fitness programs. It's not about weight loss or physique. The only thing that matters is training. It trains the awareness of one's own body so that one learns to listen to one's own body.

“Instead of using a heart rate monitor, you should be able to measure your heart rate simply by being aware of your own body. The same goes for breathing. The training trains the awareness of how I can gain more strength or stay calm through correct breathing. " Mark Divine, former member of the U.S. Navy Seals

One of the main goals of Seals training is to learn how to manage stress. SEALfit is a program for character building - disguised as functional fitness training. Mental strength and emotional resilience should be developed. You learn the ability to be a good teammate as well as a good leader.

“If an athlete wants to use SEALfit purely for fitness training, it works of course. But the main reason I developed it is to get people to live and act at a higher level, that is, to achieve a higher level of performance, team spirit and integrity. " Mark Divine, former member of the U.S. Navy Seals

The physical fitness training

The physical fitness program is geared towards ten elements of physical superiority: endurance, strength, stamina, agility, speed strength and speed, accuracy, speed of action, coordination and balance. To build strength, which is the foundation for stamina, "SEALfit" relies on powerlifting and weightlifting techniques. Functional movements that allow the body to act as it was created are trained with the best of Crossfit, Yoga, Martial Arts and Navy Seal training.

Navy Seals Exercises:

  • pushup
  • Pull-ups
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Weight lifting exercises
  • Training with truck tires
  • Sit ups
  • Dips
  • Endurance and obstacle course
  • Swimming and diving exercises
  • Boating and paddling exercises

50 hours of training without a break

Mark Divine offers "SEALfit" camps in California. The Kokoro Camp is considered the toughest and serves as a trial by fire for budding Navy Seals. In this camp we train for over 50 hours without a break. It's hell, but those who do successfully speak of life before Kokoro and life after. The latter is easier because the camp teaches participants that any challenge can be mastered and even overcome with a smile on your face and grace.

For footballers, it is certainly not an option to train for 50 hours at a time without a break and it makes little sense. Still showsthis example what thehumanBody is capable: Motivation, discipline and mental strength can make a big difference and make all the difference.

Source: Gokixx