How does Tel Aviv compare to Jerusalem

Travel tip Tel Aviv

One of the architectural highlights of Tel Aviv is the “White City” (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003), which comprises around 4,000 buildings in the International and Bauhaus styles. Most of the blocks, squares and public buildings were built by Jewish architects of German descent who fled the Nazi terror to the British mandate of Palestine. The district rightly bears its name: the buildings shine white under the southern sun and in the midst of the Mediterranean-oriental environment, this decidedly modernist architecture exerts a very special fascination. The most famous and probably most expensive street is Rothschild Boulevard, which has exclusive boutiques and wide cycle and pedestrian paths.

You will experience a completely different world in Jaffa, which as an ancient port city is several thousand years old. The Arab influence is clearly evident here, especially in the picturesque old town, which can be easily explored on foot: Narrow streets, oriental houses from several eras, small shops, cafes and mosques shape the cityscape. Worth seeing are the Muhamidiya Mosque, built in 1810, and the Catholic St. Peter's Church. There are a multitude of small art galleries to discover around Kikar Kedumim Square.