Who can fall in love with empaths

Why empaths always fall in love with the potential

If you've ever fallen in love with a potential, you know how heartbreaking and difficult it can be to move forward and give up all of your love.

Here are ten loving memories of you that will help you heal your heart and remind you of your worth.

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1. Try to see things clearly

When you can handle the idea of ​​letting go, just take a step back and give yourself permission to see things clearly.

Ask yourself, if you stopped trying for this relationship, for this person, what would happen?

If the answer is nothing, then you may not be with as perfect a person as you think you are. Maybe you fight for someone who doesn't fight for you.

And if you can step away from your hope long enough to really evaluate this, you will see that this person doesn't really deserve to be put on the podium. You will see that you deserve more.

2. It is important to love without attachment

Ultimately, someone can be a good person, but that doesn't mean they're good for you. And to hold on to a relationship that drains you, that is toxic to you, that is based on ideals rather than reality - that's an addiction.

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You have to stop wasting all your energy on this person. You have to give yourself permission to be alone. To see things as they are. Stop chasing something that will never fulfill you.

Bonding is not love. Never forget that.

3. People will always show you who they are

As an empath, it's easy to excuse other people's behavior, to tell yourself that no one is perfect. And while that's true, even though no one is perfect, you should still hold others accountable. Because the red flags are there. They exist.

And they reveal themselves every day, in the small and nondescript things that the people you care about do - the way they are there for you, how they deal with a conflict or treat a stranger, etc. People cannot hide their true selves for long.

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4. There is nothing to be ashamed of

It's easy to be ashamed of staying in a relationship or society for so long and not realizing that nothing is going to change.

But there is nothing to be ashamed of because falling in love with a potential means seeing the good in another person. You see it where no one else does, and that's wonderful.

Yes, you have to know when to turn away from this goodness, when to give up this love and hope - when to see something for what it is. However, one should never be ashamed of believing in someone's goodness.

5. Make space so that the good can find you

It’s easy. When you hold so much space in your heart for someone who is not there for you, then you are holding that place and blocking it from those in the world who really want you.

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You spend all of your time and energy begging someone who loves you, while there are people who would want nothing more than to be with you.

Don't miss out on all the beauty the world has to offer you because you are distracted. Open your eyes and you will see that there is so much out there for you just waiting for you to be open to it.

6. Getting involved in the potential is unhealthy

Ultimately, if you are so empathetic and generous, you will attract many people who want to warm themselves by the fire that is your heart.

You are attractive, you fixate people, you see beyond their circumstances, and this kind of empathy can add a gentle layer of hope about the problems in your relationships.

It can blind you to very obvious red flags, and it can be unhealthy to love this way because you are not in a realistic relationship.

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You see your relationship as something you would like to have, rather than what it actually is.

It is necessary in any relationship to distinguish between what is real and what is projected. You have to be able to distinguish reality from what you would like to have.

7. It is not your job to heal people if they don't want to heal themselves

Many empaths believe that their love can fix the people they are with. The responsibility suddenly passes from the other person to you.

You take responsibility for making her better, protecting her, and giving her all the tools to help her grow.

But some people just don't grow up to be the people you can hopefully love. Some people don't get better over time.

You will notice when this person is ready to transform himself, to do the inner work. And if you're really with someone like that, that's a different story, because they too believe in potential.

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You work towards it every day. Empaths often fall in love with those they believe will change but who do nothing to get there. Then that kind of hope becomes toxic.

8. Letting go is difficult, but necessary

It's hard to let go of all the hope one has for those who have been put on a pedestal. It becomes a balancing act between your disappointment and your belief in the person.

You feel heavy and determined at the same time. You want to love a little more, improve a little more, etc. You don't want to stop being there for him. You don't want to give up any of the little security you have in a relationship.

It can be hard to move forward, lay down your love as an empath, and give up on someone - especially when you see so much in them.

But the truth is - change is only difficult preventively. It is easy to measure what you are losing and it is difficult to see what you could gain.

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In relationships, it is difficult as an empath to "give up" someone. It's hard to believe that you could be the person in his life who left him when he needed you most.

But you have to do it. Only when you are out of the relationship will you see how much you've given to someone who didn't stand up for them.

9. You will be you all your life

You are going to be with yourself for a really, really long time.

So ask yourself: If things stayed the same right now, if nothing changed, if none of this potential materialized, would you be happy? Would you be fulfilled then? Would you wanna stay

Usually the answer in such situations is no, because you cannot imagine living a life of confusion and disappointment.

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You cannot imagine living a life that exhausts your heart as it does right now. You know deep down that you deserve more.

10. You are worthy of being loved as you love others

When someone is not there for you, when someone makes you feel small or insecure, when someone makes you feel too loving or giving too much.

When someone makes you calm your heartbeat, when someone takes and takes and doesn't give anything in return, when waiting for someone to change, to become who you always wanted to be, when your heart is exhausted right now - then you fell in love with the potential. And you deserve more.

You deserve someone who really sees in you what you see in him. You deserve someone who stays, who is there, whose feelings are not vague.

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You deserve someone who knows what they want. You deserve someone who is honest and sincere. You deserve someone who never exhausts your heart in a bad way.

You deserve someone who loves you as you love him, who fights for you as you fight for him.

And even if you don't believe that now, even if it's hard to fathom, it's waiting for you out there. And you are worthy of it.

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