Jeopardy paid James Holzhauer to lose

US quiz show: children's book genius, permanent guest and mastermind

US television: the children's book genius, the permanent guest and the computer loser

For better odds, join 'Jeopardy!' the best candidates of all time against each other - the staging is like the Super Bowl.

Risk! With moderator Hans-Jürgen Bäumler and later Jeopardy! among others with Frank Elstner. In the US, the quiz is part of pop culture; The Jeopardy! jingle is always played when someone has to wait for something, but like so many TV formats, this one too is suffering from the consequences of the digital revolution: getting used to watching whenever and wherever associated behavior, to abandon the live-watching more and more often and the result that audience ratings and advertising income go into the basement.

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The candidates are stylized as athletes If you want people to park in front of the television at a certain time to see things that they don't yet know how they will end, you need expensive rights to important sporting events, for example. Or he has to create such an event himself - and that leads to Jeopardy! to the current meeting of the best candidates who will compete for the prize money of one million dollars. The losers will each receive $ 250,000. The upcoming programs were advertised in advance as if it were about the Super Bowl football final, the candidates stylized as athletes who absolutely have to be cheered on.

James Holzhauer caused a stir last year because he not only answered 97 percent of all questions correctly and won 32 shows in a row, but because he had consistently gambled at full risk. Candidates usually choose an easier, low-value question in each category to improve on. The descriptions of the categories are often cryptic. "Patriot Games", for example, was not about patriotism or the film of the same name with Harrison Ford or the TV series, but about games from the New England Patriots football club.

Holzhauser, 35, always picks the trickiest question first, in risk rounds he always bet all his money - except for the show when he set the daily record for the first time: he bet exactly as much that, according to the US spelling, his daughter's birthday came out November 9, 2011, so $ 110,914. In total, he won just under $ 2.5 million. According to his own account, he had prepared for the show with children's books - because they contained enormous amounts of knowledge in a compact form.

People are still wondering why his lucky streak ended at the 33rd appearance of all things, and why he looked happy, almost relieved afterwards - Holzhauser could have broken two other records. One is held by Ken Jennings, 45, who had a series of 74 victories in a row in 2004 and has been to the studio in Culver City, California so often that his then two-year-old son only knew him from TV, When he returned as a rich man with $ 3.7 million he was allegedly not called "Dad" but "Mister Jennings from Jeopardy!" welcomed. Jennings later became famous for playing with Brad Rutter against the Watson computer in 2011 - and losing significantly.

The idea: there should be an identification figure for every viewer Rutter, 41, is the third candidate for The Greatest of All Time, he holds the record for the highest total prize money with $ 4,688,436 and is the only one at Jeopardy! has never lost to a human: In 2000, according to the rules of the time, he quit after the fifth success in a row, but then returned again and again to special events such as the "Tournament of Champions". Rutter appeared in other quiz shows such as

Million Dollar Mind Game or1 vs 100auf and with more than five million dollars in prize money is considered the participant with the highest earnings in American quiz show history. His only defeat so far: the one against the inhuman Watson.

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"Those are proven to be the best candidates in history, now we're looking for the best of the best," says Alex Trebek, the Jeopardy! moderated since 1984 and led through almost 8000 episodes. He is currently fighting a severe form of cancer, which is why it is speculated that this duel of the best could be the last broadcast for the 79-year-old Trebek. "All I want: 30 seconds of airtime at the end."

The Greatest of All Time will continue on the following days after the start on Tuesday evening until one wins three participants. The format is advertised so that people should not only puzzles along with the "extremely difficult questions" according to the broadcaster, but also cheer for their favorites: with the gambler Holzhauer, the serene Rutter or with Jennings, who likes to make unusual decisions for his competitors upset. There should be one for every viewer.

They hope for special moments and as many viewers as possible on the ABC channel. So it's a bit of a shame that John Carpenter is not there - without a doubt the coolest quiz contestant of all time. He was the first to appear in the American edition of 1999

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