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   This is TUFF STUFF! This isthe right stream for all friends of the harder paces, with the best heavy metal sound around the clock. Also on weekdays from 11 a.m.: The latest morning show in the world with the only true Metal-Moser. The ROCK ANTENNE web radio for all headbangers - neck pain guaranteed!

The wild 70s!
The 70s were the decade in which classic rock really blossomed. The best songs from this time combined in one stream - that is pure cult listening pleasure! Do you fancy one classic after the other? Then listen to the ROCK ANTENNE 70s rock stream!

Don't be bitter - glitter!
The 80s were a wild time ... with tons of great music! A decade that really rocked. ROCK ANTENNE 80s Rock is THE stream for all rockers who want to indulge in memories - with songs for which there is only one word: CULT!

Whether alternative, grunge, the resurrection of punk or classic rock: The 90s were the decade of musical rock diversity. The ROCK ANTENNE 90s Rock Stream has the best of everything - as iconic as it was back then on cassette, but without the annoying rewind.

Rock is dead? Not for a long time! From the 2000s to the 2010s until today, many new bands have made us run wild - and the best that this millennium has to offer in rich rock is available around the clock in the brand new ROCK ANTENNE Modern Rock Stream!

It started with nirvana, and grunge ended with nirvana in the 90s - but the legacy continues to this day! In the ROCK ANTENNE Grunge Stream there are the originals, the epigones and the descendants of Kurt Cobain and Co. - from then until now, always with a 100% grunge sound. Because grunge lives!

When the autumn storm is raging outside, that's the bestTime for grandiose arrangements and epic hymns. Bombastic, epic, ROCKS - ROCK ANTENNE Symphonic Rock is the stream for all friends of rock who love orchestral music! Whether live or in the studio: this is where rock meets classic!

The teased mane sits, the leopard spandex pants pinch,the guitar solos pop - that's the ROCK ANTENNEHair metal Stream! If you want a little more, then this is THE stream for you. The hottest rock songs from hard to hairy - the main thing is glam!

Still got the blues? From the southern American states to the rugged shores of Ireland, the best blues rockers can be found here.ROCK ANTENNABlues rock is THE stream for everything Blues Brothers and Soul Sisters, with great guitar riffs and groovy melodies.

If we can't bring you to the concerts - we'll bring the concerts to you.You can hear the hottest live rock songs around the clock at ROCK ANTENNELive rock-Stream. Come with us on a concert tour to the hottest gigs in rock history, from then until now!

Do you love the classics, the great rock heroes, the most iconic songs? Then ROCK ANTENNE Classic Perlen is just right for you - because this web radio channel has what it says on it: Classic Rock Pearls at their best, around the clock. AOR cuts for connoisseurs!

The only real alternative on the radio: The best alternative rock songs non-stop and around the clock! This is DAS ROCK ANTENNE web radio for everyone who likes to think differently and hear differently.

Made in Germany: an internationally recognized seal of quality, that also applies to music! The best German rock can be found in this ROCK ANTENNE web radio channel - from A for doctors to B for Broilers or Bap to Z for Zeltinger Band. Here it rocks in good German!

The infamous rock clubs of the 80s, the partying, the rocking out, the good memories - all of this comes back to life at ROCK ANTENNE Munich City Nights! Here you'll find iconic classics, crazy bootlegs, rock songs that you haven't heard for a long time. More than a webstream - Munich City Nights is an attitude towards life!

Soft rock with melodic guitar riffs and great melodies: Rock doesn't have to be loud to have power! You can hear the best melodic rock around the clock in this ROCK ANTENNE stream: rock songs to indulge in or relax, for a candlelight dinner or just sit on the couch and enjoy. Yoga for the ears!

Put on your petticoats, gel up the great one and then the wild boom can begin: You can hear lively rock'n'roll around the clock in this ROCK ANTENNE stream - from the classics of the 50s to the rockabilly of today.

Are you short of punk or are you short of punk? Then the ROCK ANTENNE punk rock web radio is just right for you - with the best punk rock crackers and Iro anthems, from then until now. The Spirit of '76!

   Great feelings packed into great riffs and sung by great voices: You can hear the best ballads in rock history around the clock at ROCK ANTENNE Soft Rock! Because sometimes it just has to be with feeling.

A great artist reinterpreting someone else's work? That sounds good, in the truest sense of the word! Skillful remakes, sometimes as an original homage, sometimes refreshingly different brought to the stage, you can listen to the ROCK ANTENNE cover songs webstream!

Evil tongues like to claim that the rock is dead - but on the contrary:The next generation of rock stars is young, wild and fresh - and you can hear the best young stars from home and from afar in this ROCK ANTENNE webstream around the clock!

The bells all year round: This is what you can expect in the ROCK ANTENNE XMAS ROCK stream! The best Christmas rock non-stop until the jingles bark and the needles fall from the fir trees. The whole thing is guaranteed "Last Christmas" free of course!